Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Find Your Happy Place

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
The up's and down's of life can bring alot to our plate. Stressful moment's, happy evening's, smooth day's - anything! Sometime's it's a little hard to make ourselves relax after being so wound up over something. Taking advice from my husband (what would I do without him?!) I decided to "find my happy place". I'm referring to those fond memories tucked in the depth's of our memory, they can be tricky to find in testing moment's so you have to dig deep!

When my husband first said to me "go to your happy place" my initial response was "I don't have one" and i literally sat there racking my brain's, and thinking how sad and awful that was. I know i'm not an ungrateful person, if you do something for me I appreciate it with all my heart, you will always have me there with you. During the day I am doing dhikr, which is small prayer's and general remembrance of Allah.  I think with being down in the dump's for a while and having a memory like a sieve didn't really help.

To help me out I wanted to create a list (i'm sure you know i'm fond of a list or two by now!) of happy moment's. A place to remind myself that, yes i've been through alot of struggle's but i've also been through alot of amazing experience's too alhamdulilah (all praise is due to Allah). A place that i can visit to read over, or add more thing's to. A little bit of soul food, with my name of the order ^_^

When I reverted to Islam
Meeting my husband and knowing that he was the one, we were sitting in the kitchen
Finding and holding a starfish in my palm at Hilbre Island
Met up with a YouTuber, we're now great friend's
Eating pizza on the floor, on moving day in our first home together
Shopping Day's with my mum
Teaching the little ones, and watching their first step's
Cornwall holiday's in the cottage when I was little
Waking up to see my husband lying next to me
Feeling sand between my toes and the sea wash over my feet
My Granddad showing me how to paint
Giving dawah to my family
Went to EMINEM's Anger Management Tour 2003
Feeding dolphin's at Seaworld
Looking through holiday snaps with my Grandad and him telling me it's not double exposure, its just the reflection from the window
Walking miles around London when i was 7/8 with my Nana and visiting Buckingham Palace
Teaching my parrot trick's
Freshly baked warm apple pie
Watching Mary Poppins
Giving to charity
Went to a bon jovi concert
Getting married, twice (to the same man! one Islamic then one civil in Trnindad & Tobago)
Feeling safe in my dad's arms when i was little after accidentally smashing an ornament in b&q
Adopting our cat and finally getting him home
Sitting around the table in Jordan eating and chatting
Dancing away at my sister in laws wedding
Held a crocodile
Passing my qualification's
When hubby compliments or sings to me
Spending summers in the water parks in the Canaries 
Going to Paris in year 7 (aged 11) with the year 11s for a school trip
Dad teaching me Archery
Working with J & L at my last nursery
Swimming in the Dovedale river on a school trip
Went to see WWE in Manchester
Having my first driving lesson with my BIL (brother in law)
Finding bargain's and hidden treasures
My favourite teacher of Year 2
Riding the stand-up rollercoaster at Drayton Manor - my first real ride, I only just reached the height minimum!
Riding air with hubby at Alton Tower's
Back to the future & Terminator ride with mum at universal studios
My first flight
Swimming in the clear water and white sand's of Tobago, in hijab
Collecting sea shell's on the beach
Having the record of most sit-up's in my year 11
Dancing in Turkey
Visiting the monkey forest with family
Got my provisional driving license
In the ring with Hulk Hogan's nephew Horace
Conquering the long walk to Petra, in jeans and jilbab

You happy place doesn't necessarily have to be experiences, it could just be you imagining that you are in a far away land, in a private villa in the maldives... whatever you think will have a positive effort on you whilst you wind down.

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Building a career.
building/maintaining a stronger marriage.
Seeking God.



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Monday, 28 July 2014

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Beauty Bargain Dupe - Tangled Hair Teezer

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Tangle Teezers are usually more than £10 in Boots. Before I bought my original one in purple I was a little skeptical of paying that much for a plastic brush. However once I got it, it was really handy and to me worth it. It's great for wet hair, easy on knotted hair if you brush your little ones hair and has even gone through my personal experience of severe sick-bed hair (we've all been there!)

If you know me, I am one for a bargain and one night I stumbled on this dupe on ebay. Intrigued, I bought it. Sometimes hubby uses my brushes so I thought i'd get him his own, "his & hers" and all that.

The real Tange Teezer is on the left with signature and all; the dupe is on the right

Looking at them, there isn't much difference. The black is a plain jane but that doesn't effect how it works. They both have the same amount of bristle columns, inter-changing tall-short lengths and I can't see or feel any difference in size or weight when it's in my hand.

Please excuse the little fluffies

The ebay listing is here and it cost just £1.15 with free postage and packaging, and although it's from China it didn't take that long to arrive either.

Not sponsored, just being helpful if you're in need of one and a little bit skint!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Niqab Experiment

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


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