Friday, 16 November 2007

Face or Feet?

Once a Muslim scholar was flying to a country with an airplane.

When the time for salah came, he went to the bathroom to make wudhu (ablution). Since, the bathrooms in airplanes are very small, he had to open the door to lift up his foot to the sink.

An air hostess came to him and told him not to wash his feet in the sink because they are dirty. The scholar calmly asked the hostess:

"How many times do you wash your face?"

The hostess replied "Usually once or twice."

Then the scholar replied "I wash my feet five times a day (x3 =15) for prayers. Therefore, my feet are cleaner than your face." The purpose of this story is not to get a good laugh.
However, it teaches us how regular we should be about prayers. It also shows us how to deal with non Muslim comments regarding wudhu.

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