Friday, 16 November 2007

A few weeks ago when my husband come home he gave me a little booklet/leaflet and what was it for?

AURA Hair & Beauty at Esporta health club!! He got it for me as he was leaving the gym that day.

I've never been for any kind of treatment before apart having my hair cut and my eyebrows threaded!! But OMG there is so much choice and some strange things like putting a candle in your ear :/ No thank you to the flame next to my hair!

There's so much to choose from as well. Full body massage (although im a bit unsure about that with other people touching me!) Facial, HEAD MASSAGE (im thinking this one), reflexology, pedicures .... but most of them are like £30 for half an hour!

However when I was looking I saw 'childrens treatments' - since when do children need these kind of things and especially nail extensions? Are children that stressed these days thinking about how to get a job, running their home, paying the bills and thinking what to cook tonight? Urgh...

THEN I saw treatments for men and LEG WAXING under the catergory .. LOL OMG a man who wants his legs waxing is NOT a man!! This is quite new to me as i didn't know immac/veet was for men too. LMHO!

So in conclusion:

::As a gift from my husband I can have any treatment
~wanting the full body massage but a little creeped out)
~liking the idea of a head massage (since ive been wearing my hijabfor most of the hours in the day and starting to get headaches from no where)
~or simply a pedicure which includes them to paint your nails - which i would have to decline as it's impossible to make wudu correctly with painted toes! Orrrr a facial would be lovely.

::Men should NOT even look at wax never mind use it on their legs!

::Children shouldn't have these treatments done until they understand about cosmetics and face value.

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