Friday, 16 November 2007

The Right Step, Hijab - DO NOT HESITATE!!

Something I thought I would share with you all.

In today's world, we find several young women hesitating to take the "hijab" step. They think millions of times before taking this decision. Many young women say, "I can not wear it before getting married"; "I might lose my job if I wear hijab"; or "I want to wear hijab but it will prevent me from life's pleasures, such as playing my favorite sport or wearing fashionable clothes". In fact, quite a few young women feel that the hijab acts as an obstacle for reaching their aims and aspirations in life, and hinders them from enjoying their life freely.

The Right Choice

No one can deny that there are Muslim men who prefer marrying a non-veiled woman, but this is because they do not understand the Islamic teachings and injunctions. There are also real Muslim men who prefer to marry a woman who is veiled, as they believe that one day she will be the mother of their children and should be a good role model for them. Such men understand Islam well, and believe that everything which Allah the Almighty and His prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) ordered and taught us to do is for our benefit.

So those who believe that they might not get married if they wear hijab should first comprehend that marriage is a part of Fate as well as choice. In addition, they have to be precise in choosing their life partner, and know that the one who does not obey Allah the Almighty will never be a good husband.

The right choice is to marry the man who loves Allah the Almighty and translates this love into action. This kind of husband will constantly try to apply the Islamic teachings and will always treat his wife gently; with him, she will live a life full of faith, love, forgiveness and happiness.

Enjoy Your Life Wearing Hijab

There is a widespread notion that wearing hijab hinders a young woman from carrying out her daily activities. Actually, this is wrong, as every young woman is capable of enjoying her life while wearing hijab. A woman who is veiled can go out with her friends and have fun. She can also play sport and wear fashionable clothes. The only changes will be that choose a suitable place to go out with her friends that does not have anything haram and that she will wear suitable clothes that coincide with the Islamic dress-code.

A young woman who is veiled can play sport in places that are specifically designed for women or she can choose a sport that she can play while wearing modest clothing. Several young women have had this experience; one them is Lama El- Sharkawi who is 25 years old from Egypt. She decided to wear hijab in spite of her obvious success as a bowling champion. El-Sharkawi played bowling for 13 years; she traveled to several countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Dubai and took part in several championships.

"The hijab decision was not easy," says El-Sharkawi, "but the most important thing for me is to please Allah the Almighty and obey His orders." She added that sport is a significant part of her life and that is why she plays aerobics in places designated for women.

"I believe that we as veiled women can enjoy our lives and please Allah the Almighty at the same time", added El-Sharkawi. She said that hijab helped her to change several aspects of her life for the better, such as, her way of thinking, her attitude towards life, and it made her closer to Allah the Almighty. "I started to be more curious to read and know more about the Islamic teachings," added El-Sharkawi.

In terms of her career life, she owns an advertising company and her job as a business development manager requires that she deal with several multinational companies. "The hijab never hinders my career, in fact I'm so proud to wear it," observes El Sharkawi.


In fact, hijab can really prevent you from falling into sin. It also helps to preserve your dignity and chastity. Moreover, it increases your respect in the eyes of all the people around you. However, the important thing is to know that it is not just a matter of covering your hair; we, as veiled women have to present Islam and reflect an honorable image about Islam and Muslims through our actions, beliefs and attitudes.

Wearing hijab is a great responsibility, as people quite often form images about Islam through seeing young women who are veiled. For this reason, I believe it is a responsibility that every young woman who is veiled should live up to.

For those who believe that they will sacrifice if they wear hijab, remember our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), his Companions, wives and daughters who sacrificed a great deal and tolerated harm for the sake of Allah the Almighty and for maintaining the sublimity of Islam. Now let me ask you if you are still hesitating to wear hijab!

By Shiam El-Bassiouni

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