Monday, 31 December 2007


OK so I've never really been a girl into make up before. In my entire collection I only own 1 of the following:

Eye Liner

Then one day on youtube I came across a great little (well it's getting bigger by the day lol) channel with make-up demos, tips and talks about new products.

SUBSCRIBE >>>>> <<<<< SUBSCRIBE And she's a geordie - a nice little accent lol :) So now thanks to her, i've become alot more interested in it and am so eager to try new things if I can get my hands on some new products! I reallly love BARRY M after discovering them at The Clotheshow Live a few years back (i really wanted to go this year too - but unfortunatly didn't make it!) so im gonna have a look around on their site, ebay and the high street next time I get a chance!! I never got into make-up at first because I don't think I need it, maybe just to change a little, like putting some colours around the eyes but that's about it! What I can't stand is women who cake themselves in it though, you just think "oh my god did a 4 year year put it on for them???" Or the woman who walks past with a bight orange face but then a white neck!! LOL. But yeah check these videos out buy Lauren (panacea81) WATCH:::

Here are a few brands i've come across which i'm thinking of buying a few things from - if you have any suggestions on the best things or 'MUST HAVEs' then let me know ^_^

CLINIQUE (expensive)
MAC (expensive)
RIMMEL (this is mostly what I own)
Urban Decay

I'm liking the eye crayons - no hassle just put it on and then I could always add another colour on top and blend them together for another look....

I really want a good eye liner too - a lovely soft and easy on liner as the one I have is hard and scratches my eyes :( if you can recommed one, all suggestions are welcome.

As a muslim - this is all for myself and my husband of course!! No Joe Bloggs or freaky strangers!! lolol

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