Tuesday, 25 December 2007

My A and E Nightmare - 15th Dec

Salam wa laikum! ~ Peace be upon you!

Just a quick (hopefully) message to let you all know that I haven't been on for a while due to work and on thursday night I was rushed into A and E. I am home at the moment as I didn't need to stay in hospital alhamdulilah although I was waiting in there for 7 hours before I was seen by a doctor for literally 2 minutes to tell me it was severe gastroenteritis - probally from the children at work :/ and to give me anti-sickness tablets... Such a terrible experience because I was feeling so weak and kept feeling nauseous and was in the corridor not even a room/ward.

Anyway that night I come home from work went to take a nap so i'd be awake for when my husband got back from work but woke up with severe pain in my stomach and couldn't stop vomiting afterwards. Not to go into too much detail but you know what you commonly get along with sickness and I had it too so i was losing so much bodily fluid I really thought I was going to collapse and die, i swear to allah! I have never felt anything so bad in all my life and ive had operations and been hit by a car - so i understand pain subhanallah. I was so close to quiting my job too! I never want to feel that or wish that on anyone....I was taken in the ambulance and my fingers started to go rigid because I was breathing too fast and had to have one of those masks on.

Also I am going to write a complaint because of how long I had to wait and the treatment.... for example we arrived at the hospital and they opened the door to get the bed out and before they did one of the paramedics goes to the other "is my nose ok? it feels like there's something there" and OMG if I had the energy to even talk I would have give her a mouth full - I'm lying here feeling half dead and shes worrying about her nose?? Ya Allah how these people will end up!!!
That night I was making so much dua and I really thought that my time was up!!
Allah akbar - something like this can bring the human down and make them so weak no matter how strong, young, old, pious....you are!

So I just ask to all my friends here and places where I have my 'finger in the pies' to forgive me if i'm late in a reply/message//video etc

Inchallah please make me dua that i recover from it!
I hope that you are all well inchallah and in good HEALTH + IMAN! << that reminds me I missed all the salah too which annoys me even more and astagphallah ya rubb!!!!!

*****SIDE NOTE: weeks later I am fine alhamdullilah :D

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