Thursday, 24 January 2008

Knit Bits

Does anyone know how to knit - it's my new 'want to learn' hobby lol. I know it sounds quite granny-ish but i think it would be nice to know for when a lil one comes along (god willing). Plus I love anything craft or artsy and you can make anything you like not just blankets and booties :)

I remember when I was smaller I had a kids learn to knit thing but didn't really get into it though... I'd like to know which would be easier crochet/knitting as I saw a ripple crochet blanket and thought that it looked great. . . . all help is appreciated lol *write your comments NOW!*

I saw this and thought it looked good, but how are you supposed to make it bigger, as it will only be 4 fingers wide *????*

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