Sunday, 6 January 2008

My collection...

When I said I only have a small amount of make-up (e.g. one of each thing) I wasn't wrong, here it is:

(I have a foundation brush but I don't even need it! lol)

HOWEVER just the other day I invested in some eye crayons from COLLECTION 2000 idol eyes, which look great and are v.easy to go on as they are so soft :D I got 2, the colours are 'BLING' (silver) and 'ICE QUEEN' (blue). They go on great together!

So I recommend these if you want to get them a little cheaper then the BARRY M crayons :) Speaking of BARRY M the other day I was in boots walked straight to the make up section turned around and what did I see?? BARRY M!! I was soooo happy as I could try all the different dazzle dusts and lip paints out as I thought they were only online in the UK (and from there you are not able to try them) but alhamdullilah (thank god) I can go there now. I have to say when I walked out of the shop the back of my hand was like a colour explosion lol soooo many colours to choose from!! Also I am liking the lip paint too (the light pink colour) - maybe for next time though lol......

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