Sunday, 6 January 2008

YT vid: Take off Your Hijab..grr

This is the link to the video all this is aimed at (maybe you have already seen it - maybe not):
I'm not going to embed the video so it appears on my blog as I do not support the mindless, patronizing haters of a religon they know nothing about!

It regards the unfortunate event of the death of Aqsa Parvez and from this some woman thinks that Muslims women should take off their hijab (yeah I know - how crazy!). She states that Muslims women should be 'strong' and that she will be there for us... whatever. Allah is the only one with us from day one and until our death!

It makes me upset but yet I laugh at how dumb one human being is capable of acting lolol...Muslim women can take their hijab off - in their house infront of their husbands of fathers etc who RESPECT them not
low lifes walking down the street shouting profanities along with a wolf whistle.

Oh by the way for Millions of Muslims - they were not brought up with it (told hijab is the way with no explanation) as including myself
we are REVERTS so you could say that we've been there and got the t-shirt and tacky merchandise of vile predators
looking and getting off on our looks.

The oppression is living up to MANS LAW - thinking a mini skirt is acceptable to wear and entering
the porn industry is totally fine but to cover yourself up is a mjaor taboo???? What planet are these people dreaming on????

You mention that to prove Islam is freedom you say take off our hijabs?? well how oppressive is THAT statement.

Also why put words into peoples mouths? We are Muslim sisters who are strong and are actually NOT
afraid to have our own opinions! Unlike most of the unbelievers who follow the crowds like mindless sheep. Plus we see the truth and correct things to do to protect our dignity.

So to respect our sister who died from an unstable father we should take off our hijab - what is the actual basis to this? Plus her sister who doesn't wear hijab wasn't killed! The whole incident is far more than opinion on hijab.
Yet again this is another video to twist things and show Islam to be the bad apple.
This is the worst video about Aqsa I have ever seen - you use Islam and bash it in respect for a dead woman, how disgusting!

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