Friday, 29 February 2008

The Kingdom: Movie review...

...Kind of....

Well I watched The Kingdom today starring Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner. Yet ANOTHER movie portraying Muslims as the crazy, gun addict, suicide bomber who hates anyone American.

I was so mad at how some things were shown. One guy says the shahadah and then BOOM. Yeah, this is really Islam isn't it. All the theatrics of showing a mosque, soldiers praying then you here shooting in the background, just disgusting! The Arabic language was quite appalling as you'd expect. Jennifer Garner and Jamie Foxx have like one arabic word each to say, and could they do that right? ..bleh. Plus who accepted Jennifer Garner to play the only female FBI agent? It just doesn't suit her to play that kind of role. It makes it look even more silly.

A noticeable line by Jamie Foxx's character (something along tho]ese lines anyway) "does he know where osama is? that would get me a great promotion!", you can just see how lame this really is.

Apart from that i'd rate it 2/10.

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