Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Urgh I need a push...Valentines Bleh!!

...I reckon everyone has those times, where you have many important things to do yet they get left behind. Although, after you can't relax as you know they need to be done. Take my college work as an example I have 2 assignments for Human Physiology and Health and lots of bits and bobs for my child care 'childrens care, learning & development' level 3 course!! But what do I do? Yep of course go on my email which always leads me to YouTube, view and reply to lots of new comments on my videos, block a few haters, watch new/sent videos (btw my sent videos list is never ending!!!Arghh..). Plus now I need to search for resources for my new 'series', which you don't know what it's going to be yet ;p I am quite tired from work to do 'brain work' so i simply resort to the internet. Whilst CSI is on in the background of course (I don't think it will be that good, although I think its 'without a trace' meets 'CSI' and I like both shows but hey).

....Valentines day this valentines day that! What are peoples problems, it's only ONE day in the year! Is that what people have to resort to and rely on to show their love to their partner??? Ve-ry emotional! One, its a pagan holiday, two its only a money making scam day - like every other, three its for the lost souls with no imagination-- not to offend or anything, but you can only give one day to that special person in your life???!! Ever likely there are so many bad relationships in the west ending up in the courts. A card says nothing, I can eat chocolate any day of the year, I can give/receive a present to my husband whenever I feel and it doesn't have to be a material item either. LOVE. Did everyone forget that? You cannot buy love! Urgh these things really irritate me, plus how everything is shoved under your nose: newspapers, TV, shops - who cares if you are selling a red cake shaped in a Heart and selling it double the price!

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