Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Desperate Housewives are BACK!

YAY one of my favourite shows ever!! Some scenes can be too much but I just love the whole story line of it :D The new series starts tonight in England on Channel 4 at 10pm. I hope i'm able to see it and someone else isn't hogging the TV or in the middle of something...tehehe. With these kind of shows people always say who's your favourite character? etc but i don't think i have just one. I like Susan and Gabrielle as they are the funniest. Lynette and especially Edie can just be annoying.
Happy Viewing! ..Oh and Bree hmm not sure, she's weird.


SHHHH.. all you American spoilers, I don't wanna know what happens as someone already mentioned 'something' about a certain 'someone' and spoiled the anticipation after a year!


These are supposed to be the dolls of each 'wife' hehe, i would be pretty depressed if someone told me I was going to be turned into a doll and then looked like one of these....

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  1. Assalam Alaykum sista! How are you? I'm Yazyh from youtube! I have a blog as well. Its so cool you have a blog....


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