Tuesday, 1 April 2008

CLAIRES best deal yet!!

A few weeks ago I went into CLAIRES in the bullring just to have a look as most things they sell are cheaply made and the nice things quite over-priced. Anyway I found a pencil case with goodies inside for £5!! I thought that it was a very good deal so took it to the counter. The girl said "do you understand the promotion" but before I said anything she said "you can mix and match any 5 items of stationary but the pencil case has to be one item." ~Even better, I thought as I could choose what I wanted not just stick to a pre-made pack. ^_^

My goodies:

A plastic clear pink cherry pencil case

A pink cherry ball point pen

A stationary pack (stapler, tape...)

A mixed choice colour pen

A pack of 4 mini highlighters

All in all if I bought each thing for it's original price it would have cost me £17.50 as each item is £3.50!!! However I got all this for £5. One of the best bargains I got for a long time I must say hehe :)

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  1. Salaam sis! I've just come across your blog, it's so cute! I love Claire's too hehe!

    I hope you come and visit my blog too, it's aimed at UK Muslimahs, so I hope you find it useful!



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