Sunday, 28 June 2009

Productivity, don't you just love it??

I've had such a busy day today al hamdu ilah:
Woke up,
Freshened up,
Cleaned the bathroom
Tidied up in general around the house,
Made breakfast (tomato and mushroom omelette w/ Houmus)
Washed the dishes
Went swimming,
Went the halal butchers
Cooked my fav. meal: Lamb and green beans w/ Basmati rice
Washed the dishes
Watered the garden and planted some seedlings and Mint
Ate the food
Helped husband get ready to go to work
Tidied up again
Washed up again
Re-organised kitchen cupboards and drawers
Brushed and mopped the bathroom and kitchen floor
Had a shower
Dryed my hair
Snapped some pictures (one of which is below)
NOW checking my emails, updates etc

..and i've probably missed something else too!!
It is really worth it though than just a lazy day :)
I can relax tomorrow before I start my new job (in training) Monday.
As alot of you know I work for one of the biggest Mobile Communication companies in the world. I left Customer Care on Friday, quite an emotional day day for others as they were leaving too. However I am staying within the same company but now will be a sales advisor. It is lots of hard work but it's better than been made redundant (which is the other scale of things I could have headed towards).

Very unexpected, was the bouquet of flowers from my collugues along with a card. I always love those cards where lots of people have scribbled down a little comment and always enjoy reading them and turning the card round to read some that are on the side or upside down.

It had to be done though, as I was going mad in that position as it was the same thing day in day out and I need something more stimulating. So i'm sure New Connections wiill certainly be that.

It's been along time since I have really blogged so I can add this to my list too lol :) My favourite song at the moment would be 'Halo' by Beyonce, I actually saw her in Dreamgirls the other night (not as bad as you'd think - but you've got to like musicals though). Another movie I saw last night was 'Derailed' the one with Jennifer Aniston not the Vam Dame one. It is by far her best movie, you should see it. I could go on about dvds...last thing, I want season 1 of One Tree Hill, currently looking for it on ebay. HMV are selling season 3 for £10 but season 1 is more expensive, how do they work that one out?

Take care, Salam wa alaikum :D

P.S: Did you think that this is the first piece of writing you have seen NOT mentioning Michael Jackson? ..Well, my two cents are just that he was old, unwell and this tour would have no doubtedly put an imense strain on him when going through training. It's going to happen to everybody one day - it's the only guarantee in life.

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