Saturday, 25 July 2009

Big Blog..does exactly what it says on the tin!

Salam wa alaikum and peace be upon you all :)
I thought instead of posting little blogs i will try one big one.


My view right now- > ..those strawberries are from my garden, you can't get much more organic than that ;)

The last couple of weeks so far have been great. Started training for an internal job which is now Customer retention, so that's dealing with upgrades and of course retaining customers who are looking to leave etc. It's very different from a Cust' Care role as you have so many stats to hit that they are coming out of your ears :o)

I have a few more weeks then it is in the real world and on the floor. However in september we should be moving to a new shiny building which should be good.
In other news not much has happened. Still have a few things flying around my head which for some reason I don't find myself getting round to do; several youtube videos (ideas are there though), a canvas that is half painted from ..thinking about it now- it could be around 1 and a half years ago heh, want to try my hand at a bit of hand sewing as it looks like i'm not going to get a sewing machine at this rate (there's always something else isn't there?).
**ok someone is letting fireworks off in daylight...I don't mind as long as they don't come near the house, last year one exploded outside my window- which was not good, you should have heard it and the vibration, i'm surprised the window didn't shatter, good ol' double glazing eh?.
Ah-nyway..yeah getting things done, i'm sure that there's not enough time in the day for these things whilst working all week and running a family and the household.


Apart from those things, I have got fund raising running around in my mind. I need to set up a charity day but just don't know where to start with it all. I need contacts and can't get them. Some ideas that I have are:
bouncy castle
face painting
fudge / cupcake / cookies / ice lolly stand
bottled water
toys / lights
tug of war
car wash
head massage
sky dive
...but really don't know where to start as i'd need donations and peoples time in return for nothing you have any ideas?


Isn't this the cutest? hehe.. I love baby stuff, so note to self: when pregnant, need a really healthy bank balance : D

At work we had a handset workshop. I had the Nokia 5800 to test and next week we are presenting back to the group on it. It's quite a few months old since it was released on the market. From using it for about a day, it is a pretty spectacular handset. It's all touchexcept for a few buttons. You can watch videos, listen to music and all the other good stuff. Great layout and being nokia it's easy to use. The best part is the touch, it is so sensitive so you wont press two things at once or whatever and i have quite big thumbs [^_^]. Not sure how to present it back, speech, powerpoint or video??

Not forgetting, my favourite song at the moment:

Strawberry Footage:


Click on any of them for more on my flickr page

So i'm heading for swimming in a little while, need to eat some lunch before that so take care, salam wa alaikum!! : ]

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