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Where do you buy your islamic clothing??

"Asalam wa alaikum sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought i would add my 2 cents to the topic : ]

In regards to the UK:
I believe that there are islamic shops in Birmingham (mainly coventry rd), although i have never been.
Heading for Manchester (Rusholme)?? You can try Wilmslow Rd and there is a great little shop called "The World of Islam". I always go in for a look every time i'm in Manchester :] I first went in and wanted to buy everything as it was the first real islam type shop (books, ornaments, wall hangings, hijabs, jilbabs, basically any islamic accessory really mashallah!). Plus my first hijab was just left to the side in a pakistani fabric shop, so didn't leave much choice. So alhamdullilah i found that shop!
As for London, I really couldn't say. Since being a Muslim I have only been there for 2 days and probably wasn't really looking for particular islamic shops, so never noticed any.

Online: is fab, reasonable prices, within UK (thinking of P+P) and great quality. After going abroad and buying what seemed to be a suitcase full of hijabs etc from Jordan, thehijabshop would be the next on my list from where I buy most of my things :)

As for anything else online, i'm not too sure. I tried ebay but alot of things are quite older fashioned on there...

Back to Jordan. My husbands family are living there at the moment. So lots of choice with hundreds of shops and market stalls selling all types of hijabs and accessories (that you'd think you would never need!). One store in particular which is a well established and amazing quality is 'Sajeda' (mainly a jilbab/abaya store). Not trying to sound like Mary Poppins but "..they are perfect in every way.." . Style, comfort, movement, shape, design, modern, pricing is ok (possibly a little higher than usual but you are basically paying for what you get e.g. primark compared to Jane norman quality..). Plus they last for years and still going strong alhamdullilah :D

Non islamic shops:
I generally head to any shop that has a sale hehe. .
Jane Norman, New Look, H&M (but they don't have one where i live so again when i go manchester its on my list to visit), Dorethy Perkins, TK Maxx (yep in England it's with a K not a J ;) ) etc

Then look for:
Tunics, Smocks, Loose bootleg jeans / trousers,
Long sleeve plain tees (for layering..that's where primark comes in lol)
Cardis, jumper dresses, combats, long skirts, shirts, polo neck jumpers etc
Basically anything that can pass as Halal if worn in the correct way.

I don't always wear jilbabs due to taking public transport etc and it's not the best of understanding places here so i need different things to mix it up but still be covered up!

Also ladies, don't make the mistake that i did when i reverted. I bought clothes that were 1 size bigger, instead of my own but with different fits to them (due to lack of british fashion of that kind as well i guess).
And you know what happens?? You grow into that size without realising so! (maybe because you get used to it and think you don't have to watch your figure, "as those jeans are quite slack!")...just to let you know, it's probably just happened to me but hey....
And for now, "that's all folks".

Thanks for reading :]"

**Taken from my post @ "Sisters Unite"

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