Sunday, 30 August 2009

Modern Muslimah Fashionsista!

Salam wa alaikum wa rahmatulah, inchallah your Ramadan is going great.

I wanted to share some things, this is mostly going to be about Eid clothes : ]
So, I am on the mail list for the store Jane Norman.
Couldn't believe my eyes when I say this dress. The style length and design are so appealing.
I adore alot of things from Jane Norman as most are smart, tailored and really stylish however this is one of their best items, in my opinion. Also one of their better dresses that they have brought out.

After seeing this I thought i'd compile my own outfit around it for Eid, and here's what I come up with (similar style to some of our style fashionsistas blogs..see what i did there? ;) )

Going with the monochrome theme as that has come around again but added a pop of colour!

Jane Norman Embroidered Dress 45.00

Topshop black cardigan 34.99....however if it is this particular one, it has heart points on the chest so will be transparent in places unless the hijab is arranged correctly

Black with white detail hijab 6.99

Your favourite bootcut trousers, in the picture they are from Topshop 28.00

And to finish, add a pop of colour with shoes and handbag which are of a matching colour. I don't like to go too bright so it's usually the browns or blues that I go with, but whatever you are used to - go with what you will be relaxed in. The ballet falts above are my own pair from Jordan, so unable to point you in the right direction to buy them, sorry...

The only thing is now, I just need to pop into my local Jane Norman and see the quality and try it on, Don't believe in buying these items online. Inchallah it fits in the right places after all this hype I have got myself into hehe...


Recently went to this spanish tapas resturant with some of the family a week or so ago:

la tasca

la tasca food

I had the salmon on pear and raisins, spinach and avacado salad with fried potatoes with spicy tomoto sauce...was Yum, but the salmon was a little over-cooked.

Let me know what you guys think.

Take it easy.
Salam wa alaikum [PEACE]

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