Monday, 21 September 2009

Slumdog ftw!

...and just like my bookface status, it goes out to ONE FIFTH OF THE WORLDS NATION!!
Within England, i'm not going to lie, there isn't anything special about Eid. Fab if you are in a Muslim country but here you have to make it into something otherwise it is just another day.
Went to see some family yesturday which was nice. We watched Slumdog Millionaire which was brilliant. Everyone was hyped up about it and oscars were flying everywhere..I mean it is a great movie, perhaps not for everyone the critics said but it is still a must see movie.
My short and sweet Flixster review: "Loved the concept of it. Great editing back and forth.Some serious and comedic partsGood acting and a happy ending.However, the only thing they should have changed was the font of some subs, squint city or what? ...apart from that~ A must-see!!!"
Today we went to our city centre where we window shopped and had a nice piece of chocolate cake from the coffee shop, something like a fish out of water as we couldn't do that for about a month. Then for dinner we had traditional fish and chips - in bread crumb I may add as the battered fish don't do anything for your stomach :/
On bookface it was great to see all the blessings and gifts being sent, just to see the Ummah as one for a change. As well as that looking how others celebrate it around the world subhanallah.
Something that happened before Eid within the last week of Ramadan, we have life...
Hello Sunshine
Well i'm going to pray Isha now inchallah, take care!
Salam wa alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu ^_^

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  1. assalamualykum sister how are you?
    I would like to appreciate your blog it is good and nice, mashaallah.
    I would like to invite you also to join our website
    so that we will know each other and you can share to us anything about Islam, I am also reverted to Islam from christianity dome. I am your sister in philippines


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