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Medicine of The Prophet
..And would you believe that they knew this stuff over 1400 years ago??

It has so much information inside of it.
Easy to read and to find the topic relevant to youself.
Includes hadiths to support most information.
Has various information on different illnesses as well as using natural foods to ease and cure e.g. about making barley soup for an ill person " strengthens the heart of the sad person and relieves the heart of the ill person, just as one of you would wash the dirt off of the face with water." page 286.
Along with pieces like this it has more wonderful things that I personally believe you wouldn't find anywhere else, especially when you think this knowledge is from a man way before time had fancy tools and equipment that scientists use today.
The book also covers relations between husband and wife and explains alot of medical happenings within the human body.

Aside from content I do enjoy how the book is set out and each pages' layout. It is very easy on the eyes, the font is great as your eyes can just run over it smoothly. The paper is of good quality too. This is in hardback and I got it for £10.00 GBP @ 'The World of Islam' in Manchester.

However, I must add that I haven't read it all yet, from what I have read it is 10/10 and a must for any muslims bookshelf.

Here is a video I made before I got this fab book:


  1. Well I have an Urdu version of this book, with certain additions (footnotes & sidenotes) by a great Hakim(physician) here in India.
    They refer alot to these four humors while discussing possible use of herbs/ vegetables etc. []
    To me it seemed that I may misuse those things if I don't know the "humor" of that person and also the amount of the dose to use.
    I thus plan to study a bit of Unani(Greek) medicine before I would be able to fully utilize this book. Plus it's language is very specialised sort of (arcane?).

  2. i have this book ..u can be the happiest woman in the world..m planning to translate this book to my language :) it comforts the heart ..i read this book mostly in the ferry when i go for work..i think the medicine book must be bought ..thanks to ur blog i found a new book.


~~La ilaha il Allah~~

Thank you for the comment. I love reading them all. I'm really sorry if I can't reply to everyone but I do try my best. Hope you understand. Peace.


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