Friday, 30 October 2009

Hello Kitty!!!

I have had him for 20 days alhamdulliah. The cutest thing ever. I love him soo much. He is our new baby kitty Niko.

Loves chicken, playing with wool, jumping on vases full of flowers and making them wobble.

Loves a 'belly' rub, long sleeps and enjoys his kitty roundabout..oh and sitting on my laptop and sending random MSN messages whilst walking over the keyboard hehe.

The hardest time is to leave him when i go to sleep, but the best time is when i wake and sit with him with his content "purrs" with his paw resting on me.

My new -sleepy- kitty

^^ click ^^


  1. aww mashaAllah soo soo lovely!
    I love cats! all kinds of cats.
    May Allah bless you Ameen

  2. lovely, masha allah, ur kitten is amazingly cute, i am a cat lover too, i have had a cat for last 5 yrs and got home another kitten few mths back, they are a bundle of joy and wonderful company.


~~La ilaha il Allah~~

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