Friday, 16 October 2009

She Aiight!!

'Muslim Pick Up Lines'

....."huh, what?" Take it easy, it's a it - don't read it, whatever...

1. I'm looking for the "Made In Jannah" tag

2. Are those legs halal?

3. OMG!! I just saw part of your hair, now your obligated to marry me..

5. Wanna date? i bought a whole box when i went to madinah" / I don't go on dates, I just eat 'em

6. Marry me so I don't have to lower my gaze everytime you walk into the room..

7. Girl you fine, I see that praying 5 times a day has really payed off

8. Girl when i saw you i said mashallah, then i said inshallah heh

10. Are you a Shi-ite? Because when I saw you, I said to myself, "She aiight!"

11.You’re so fine, I wanna marry you, get 10 kids with you and pray domestic jamaah for the rest of our lives.

12. "U thief. u know, its wrong to steal in islam"
"how am i a thief?"........."u stole my heart"

13. Are your feet tired? Because you've been performing Tawaaf in my mind all day long..

14. How would you like to help me fulfill half of my deen?

16. I must be in paradise and you must be the Noor

17. Girl...I know its haraam "paying" so much "interest" in you...but I can't help myself...

19. wanna ride shotgun on my camel?

21. Girl you're so hot, you make Shaytan sweat.

22. You are the noor of my eyes.

25. Have your mom call my mom

26. You are the reason hijab was mandated.

27. You are the coolness of my eyes.

28. I didn't trip over my robe, I fell for you.

..And yes, I can count, it's just that I removed some which either weren'tappropiate and would not have been halal.
Thank you.

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