Thursday, 22 April 2010

The ultimate Muslim travel packing list

Travelling around the world can be very exhausting due to heavy luggage, troublesome security checks and long flight duration. Busy preparation might also let you forget important stuff. So check out our ultimate Muslim travel packing list. If you do like it just print it out and place it over your working desk or on your fridge. Hopefully it helps

1.) Travel Light: You don’t need five or six trousers, dozens of books or all the stuff from your bathroom just to look good. No need of paying hotel guys for carrying or storing your bags, fast security checks, no stress the evening before takeoff and just imagine how flexible you will be at your final destination. But don’t forget your passport, flight tickets and some money!

2.) Check your hand luggage twice: Do you really want to explain why you took that nail scissors with you? Or do you like .... to read more, click here

Taken from HALAL-TRIP blog :)

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