Sunday, 15 August 2010

Ramadan blog (Day 4 & 5)

I'm really not great at keeping up with this am I? Subhanallah.
Again it's been two crazy days.

Yesterday, fajr was on time (whoop!) and I went back to sleep afterwards then got up to go to the salon to get my hair done. It's such a great place to go if you're a Muslimah. The front of the shop is frosted glass and they lock the door so no men can see/walk in alhamdulilah. I got layers put back in and it shaped and it's soo soft mashallah, i feel so weird just sitting and touching my hair but it hasn't been in this good condition since, well i guess last time I got it done. I'm not one to be into all that jazz - i had three brothers afterall.

When i was home i had to go to the halal supermarket Pak Foods. It was cray-zeee. Very busy but alhamdulilah not as busy as it could have been (there was no queueing up and down the aisles and outside of the doors or anything!)

For iftar i cooked BBQ drumsticks with kabsah rice. The drumsticks were a big hit with my brother in law alhamdulilah. I love it when people enjoy my cooking especially when i try different things. I remember the first time i cooked rice and i actually forgot to put the salt in. Yes, rice with NO salt. Bless my husband as he did eat some of it, and i was just stunned at how i could have forgot the salt! :D However my skillz have improved massively.

I think it was yesturday or possibly the day before that i heard that israelis had banned alot of Palestinian youths from entering Al-Aqsa during Ramadan. I just find it shameful how some people can act that way. I mean it's Ramadan, and come on everyone knows they make a mountain out of a mole hill. Simple childish games, and if they think this will put Muslims off from making salah they can think again. It only makes us stronger. Whatever this world throws at us we just watch it then hit it out of the park. Take the biggest example 9/11, it wasn't us but with Islam being used as a scape goat - the reversion rate to Islam was strongest - POST 9/11. I could go on however this is a post about Ramadan, we'll save the rest for another day.

So today: Day 5.
Quite relaxing, all salah on time mashallah. I set up my sewing machine and feel so releaved that i could actually get it to work. I was panicing myself earlier thinking why did i get it when i can't even thread a regular needle - but i did it *high 5*. So i'm getting a few ideas together on what material to use for my first project inshallah. Cleaned more of the house and it's all done now.

I bathed the cat.

Usually he's quite good considering cats just don't 'do' water. This time was a whole other story. Have you ever seen the movie 'Mousehunt' w/ Nathan Lane & Lee Evans? Well if you have you'll know what 'catzilla' was like that that is how my cute (usually) kitty was like. Scratches up my arms confirm so. As well as the graze (almost slice) on my top lip. Alhamdulilah it wasn't an open wound, alhamdulilah.

Inshallah i'll check in tomorrow, if not i see you in two days with a double blog inshallah. One last thing, take a look at this video and let me know what you think:

(I now love the end nasheed by Dawud Wharnsby Ali mashallah, it's so fun. It's called "We've scanned the sky")

Ma'a Salama.

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