Thursday, 5 August 2010

This Ramadan... going to be the best Ramadan!
I'm not talking about how a new TV series is starting, or about all the food we are going to eat, or what we'll get at the end of the month for Eid.

It's going to be the best, spiritually inshallah.

What do you want to get out of Ramadan?
Remember if you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.
Don't walk into Ramadan with no destination in sight. Never presume that you are going to be around forion the next Ramadan. "Leaving it until next year" is not an option.

Note to the chef's of the household: make as much preperation of food as you can, chop veggies, fruit, make dough pastry etc NOW. So you have more time to focus on your goals during Ramadan. : )

Here is what i wish to improve/complete inshallah:

~Read The Quran, front to back
~Fully understand al-tashahud with correct pronunciation. As i've noticed that i've started to join words that shouldn't as it's something that's said inside your head rather than out loud. Maybe with it not being my mother tongue, i don't know...
~Run over Al-Falaq (meaning of individual words)
~Learn surah Fil
~Pray on time, including sunnah rakat along with witr at the end of the day. Taraweeh if possible.
~Work on patience. I am very patient at the moment but we can all make improvements
~Make dua and dhikr - 24/7(!) (or at least when i'm not talking or when i think: 'i'm bored')
~Decrease use of games, Facebook or anything else which is not beneficial (I have already decluttered my twitter/youtube/facebook/email to make way for more islam related pages alhamdulilah)
~Learn more Arabic (the language in general as I am slacking, seriously!)
~Read "The Sealed Necar" - the bio of our Prophet Muhammad,peace be upon him.(if i can get my hands on a copy!)
~Charity - in money, clothing and food (I won't say anything further as that's between Allah SWT and me. It should stay like that as the hadith says your left hand should not know what your right hand does. It should be that secretive!)
~SMILE, no matter what
~Visit family and friends

Only by the will of Allah SWT can these actions be implemented and I pray that I will be able to attempt (if not acheive) all of the above.
I also pray that all my readers will have a blessed, happy and productive Ramadan. Ameen.

~make this year count~

P.S: Make sure you get your FREE Ramadan ebook on how to get the most out of Ramadan here

and if you are a non muslim or new revert (congrats btw!:D) there's a FREE ebook on the Essentials of Ramadan here

Or for general help, tips and prep, push play inshallah

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