Sunday, 10 October 2010

This time last year...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

It has been one whole year since we had our baby boy, Niko.
We got our little furry tabby when he was a couple of months old from a RSPCA cattery. I estimated his birth date as 4th July 2009.

Although this morning he was outside and didn't come back for a while so I was a little worried that he thought one year with us was enough hehe. Alhamdulilah he is safe and sound now and is asleep on the armchair. He was going to be a house cat but thought it woould be best for him to go outside and meet the neighbours. He now plays with garfield, baby garfeild and splodge*

*names are not real and just made up for the purpose of this post :p No, i don't know their names but they are the nickname given by us.

A few weeks after we took him home he got cat flu from the other cats at the cattery so he had to go to the vet. Then a few months later he had to go again for an operation (however due to the nature of it, it was covered by the voucher the RSPCA provided from the cattery). Putting the plastic collar/cone on was the worst thing i ever had to do. I still have the scar from where he tried to get loose but, sliced(!) my wrist. It wasn't done on purpose of course as he was very grumpy and was trying to pull his stitches out so he had to have it on. "cruel to be kind" almost. Although something funny did happen when he had it on. He likes drinking from running water and when he did it with the collar on it started filling up. It was running too fast so he got soaked. We did have a giggle.

To be fair he doesn't mind water as i've had to give him a few baths due to the excitment that surrounds digging the soil in the flower beds!

He then changed over from kitten food to cat food (once he hit 1yr). We now know he doesn't like felix, and love whiskas! I tried him with grilled, simply, with veg, al meat types.He also has cat milk. We adore him so much he's like one of the family. And to think that I used to be a 'dog person'. However with being Muslim now we couldn't keep dogs (only for security, but i couldnt leave them outside all the time!) so we got a kitty. A little persuasion was required for the hub but he knows we did the right thing. If anyone is thinking of getting a cat then go for it 100%. Also try to do it through the RSPCA as it is worth every penny. They also microchip them too!

I now wish that i had took more photos of him (even more on top of the hundreds that i have!) to record his growth and see how much he has changed. I just think that would be really cool. Like the PED projects (take a photo everyday for 365 days a year, some people do it for a longer period. I'd like to do it on myself too as i find it interesting)

Some photos through the year 2009/2010:

I did try to add more photos which were taken earlier in the year but i thinks me broke it with kitty cuteness : /

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