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"Does my head look big in this?" Review

Name: Does my head look big in this?
Author: Randa Abdel-Fattah
Genre: Hijabi teen fiction
Pages: 351

Blurb: High school is tough enough without throwing s Hijab into the mix... Amal's decision to wear the hijab full term takes alot of guts. Can she cope with the prejudice, keep her friends, and still attract the cuteest boy in school?

Quote: What's my class going to say Monday when i walk in wearing the Muslim veil for the first time? Oh boy, will they freak out. Shawling up? in front of the kids of Year Eleven? It would be easier to walk in naked.

***NOTE: This is my personal review. As a Muslim i do not wish any harm to anyone especially the author, I am just sharing my opinion for anyone looking to buy this book. I have my own views and am not paid by anyone to blog about them. :)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Funny title, hijabi read, heard lots of mixed reviews. It was time i snapped this bargain on ebay!

From an islamic point of view it addresses some great points and highlights many realistic things that we all stumble across such as family trying to become westernised, members taking culture over Islam, and of course going through the events of wearing hijab for the first time.

Personally, it was an OK read. As mentioned in an earlier post, i'd love to read anything and everything 'hijabi'.
Some things were pretty predictable though. Some parts were cleverly written with comical effect. Being a convert you know and understand both sides of the shahada and although it's about a born Muslim it's very 'westernised' with Muslims wanting to try or even become western. Some positive quotes from the book:

"Sometimes it’s easy to loose faith in people. And sometimes one act of kindness is all it takes to give you hope again"

"Putting on a hijab isn’t the end of the journey. It’s just the beginning of it"

What concerns me is that considering this book is aimed at teens there a few things which i wouldn't feel comfortable knowing that my child is reading. Some of the language is not halal, i understand it's 'getting down with the kids' and how they talk as much as the next person. However some parents would buy this to encourage their daughters to wear hijab and 'relate' to Amal. I wouldn't want my child to be open to this as at all as there are alot of things which are done and not accepted in Islam. For example make-up and hijab; if you've just taught your daughter that make-up voids the point of hijab and she reads this, it'd be very confusing. Then there's the whole 'muslim girl goes to a male friends stereotypical teen party and one thing leads to another'...on the other hand it does mix a few correct islamic etiquttes, but would be confusing if a non Muslim were to read it.

A friend asked me to let her know if it would be ok to let her 9 year old read it. Personally, it would be a 'no-no!'. I think it'd be a push even if i'd let my daughter read it when she is 18 (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration there!).

Some may think it's a little 'too much' but doesn't every parent wish to raise their child in the correct islamic manner? So they wouldn't need to know this info or even read about it, there's too much of that on the street. I feel it would be incorrect to teach your children islamically then put this kind of thing under their nose. Once they are old enough and comfortable with their own identity of Islam then yes ok, it would be their choice to read it. It wouldn't be a reading option if my daughter was just about to take that step into a hijabi as it is true: throwing a hijab into the mix can be tough, i'd just prefer my child to know right from wrong, to be clear on why Muslim women wear a veil and not have the frustration of conflicting information (something every learning Muslim faces; born/reverted).


  1. I have read this book.. It was an amazing book :)

  2. What page number for the qouts


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