Monday, 1 November 2010

Pinch Punch First of the Month

Remember when kids used to say that at school?
Very peevish i must say(!)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Time for NaNoWriMo, anyone thinking of joining in this year? if you're unsure of what that is exactly click here. I don't think i would have the patience or even find the time to do it, but imagine the feeling of accomplishment at the end of it? I'd like to know if any Muslimahs have done it actually, hmm.....

HAJJ TALK Eid is this month too, so that generally means that lots of Muslims will be hopping on over to Saudi just beforehand. All those who are preparing or already on your way to Hajj: Allah Ma'ak (Allah be with you). Inshallah your journey will be full of special moments and I hope you all have a happy and productive time. Make the most of every second as I am sure it is very spectacular. Don't forget to bring back some ZamZam water for me! ;)

I haven't been but the stories I heard from my husband when he went as a mahram for my sister in law are amazing. I think i'd be incredibly overwhelmed and emotional but only Allah knows. Inshallah I get to experience it one day. If you are reading this and you haven't been either, make dua! The whispers of Shaitaan can tell you "it's ok, that money you have saved up can go towards a new car, there's always next year for Hajj!".
Ask yourself, is there? Who knows if there's going to be a tomorrow, nevermind next year. It is one pillar of Islam, just like fasting and salah. I pray that every Muslim can experience this special journey at least once in their life.

Keeping on the subject, if you live in the west do you know how blessed and easy it is for you to even enter Saudi for Hajj? I wasn't aware of this ludacris rule but if you are in any other country in the middle east you have to be over a certain age to be accepted to perform Hajj. That's right, you have to send an application for it. My Mother in law wishes to go but they have not allowed her due to her age, she's too young.
It is 60 something (i forget the exact age but it is over 60 from what my husband was saying)
I really don't know how they can put a restriction on this. Do they not realise that everyone isn't going to live past 60 years of age? This applys to the Middle East. The reason behind it is that they think the whole population of the middle east will want to enter mecca within those weeks that Hajj is best to perform in and they won't be able to handle it. Whereas in the west there "isn't as many Muslims" so there is no limit. Health & Safety is one thing but this is just crazy.

I baked chocolate flapjack today with pumpkin seeds. Before you say anything, no they weren't from a pumpkin from oct 31st **HARAM HARAM** i had some dried ones from the supermarket a week or so ago for that extra health kick...although the amount of chocolate used may reduce the 'healthy' part.

My friend sent me "Love in a Headscarf" so i can't wait to get stuck into that. I wrote a review on "does my head look big in this?" but i'm not sure if I should post it up on here or not. I joined a blog called EKRA recently (check it out here) so i may post it up there. I still need to write my little intro too! Make sure you follow us!

I'm not too sure if you noticed but last month you lovely readers got one post a day (sometimes more than one occasionally) :D Thanks to having some spare time and finding out how I schedule posts it could be done. I am not 100% on what i want to do this month. Is one a day too much? would it be best if there was something every other day? Let me know what you think inshallah.

The last couple of weeks i have been without my blackberry (grr..!) but i am due to upgrade so I was thinking about getting the new Desire HD by HTC. Blackberry are good but this particular model i had (9700) broke down on me twice (double grr!) and i want something more fun and you'll know i won't go near an iphone! However i'm a little sceptical about it's size. They are only available on pre-order at the moment (typical HTC style, to delay the handset stock) so haven't seen the real deal yet. It's android and the apps do appeal to me. You can get apps on a blackberry but they are usually pretty standard and basic. Plus alot of vendors only make apps for iphone/android anyway...

(((*** Currently eating Cadburys Dairy Milk. British chocolate beats American chocolate anyday. Just saying :p ***)))

Eek, i still need to update the clocks in my house, some have changed where others haven't bothered.
I bought 'Atonement' on dvd not long ago, took it out the wrapper and haven't seen it since : / I think my hub may have give it some friends by mistake. I want my dvd! I haven't seen it yet.

I *heart* BBC iPlayer. If it wasn't for that little thing i would miss almost everything on TV and miss great things which you never see on the TV (oddly enough!)
Maybe I should just do a 'favourites' list next time!

{{ This is the latest from my cat }}

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  1. Salam! Yes, I am one Muslimah who is doing NaNoWriMo, actually inspired by a few others who did it last year. We shall see where it takes me. It's great to have a voice and I love the challenge as well.

    Are you writing this year? You should check it out. I am an American living in Jordan. My book title as of now is "Learning Arabic the Hard Way". I can't say that it will be a religious novel, but it should put Islam in a better light, so a step in the right direction.

    How did I find you? I was searching for an image for the cover of my "book", googled Learning Arabic the Hard Way, just to see what would come up, and I found your lovely butterfly image that you have on the sidebar. Now after reading your latest blog post, I felt that I MUST comment, and connect! Have a great day. Check out my blog if you like.



~~La ilaha il Allah~~

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