Friday, 31 December 2010

The End

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The world has broken my heart,
but that has leaded me to the path of Allah..
The world made me blind,
but that opened my eyes for Allah..
The world made me deaf,
but it opened my ears to hear the words of Allah..
The world made me a slave
but that leaded me to be free
by following the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (saw)
The world made me a sinner,
but that made me admit to ask for forgiveness
So all this time I thought the world hated me,
proved to be true love, love of Allah

Asalamu alaikum!
It has been one heck of a year. So many ups and downs, to be honest i'm glad that it is almost over. Alhamdulilah. To think of what can happen within the space of a year is crazy especially after experiencing such personal events over 365 days.
I was looking through the photos on my mobile which were taken throughout the year; happiness and sadness.
Here are a few random happier moments:

{ Niko sleeping...Niko checking the shopping bags for family in Jordan }

{ Time to relax...I won the $100 YT hadith contest }

{ Bored at work...Fun in the park }

{ New strawberries in the life in the park }

{ A great book...A great islamic dvd }

{ Monster ice-cream...My handy work }

{ Hello yummy food...bye bye best phone in the world! }

I turned 22 two days ago (29th). Some say i'm still a baby but age is just a number and you're only as old as you feel, I think feeling 90 is going too far, but can you blame me?
It was a nice day. My family are non Muslims so they send cards and gifts mashallah or money for me to spend it on something I want... or bills! It will be going to our 'Jordan fund' this year : ) I really cannot wait for February, I havent had a holiday for more than 3 years, i'm really in need of one now, everyone needs a break once in a while! My hub bought me LUSH goodies aside from other stuff. The bag is next to me now and it smells divine! I know lots of my friends and followers like it too so I may put them in a later post and let you know how they worked out inshallah.
With my birthday being at the end of the year, it does come with some perks: end of year sales being one of them! It also meant that when I was at school my birthday was always in the holiday time - not so fun as everyone was busy with christmas. Then when I reverted I didnt make a fuss of it, it was everyone around me and i wasn't going to turn presents them down and I guess everyone deserves to feel special sometimes. Alhamdulilah, another year on this planet to worship Allah SWT, inshallah I succeed.

With it being the end of the year I thought i'd post my "favourite blogs of 2010". You have to check these blogs out, promise? There's so many out there but these are my absolute fav's, the ones I always look forward to reading no matter the subject and I just feel like I know them. If you are one of my favourites please take the pic (below) and add it to your blog, then name your own top 5. I look forward to seeing your favourites inshallah.

1. This Little Life of Mine by Amnah

2. Aqeela's Home & Garden by Aqeela

3. The Muslim Wife's Kitchen by UmmK

4. Ammena's Adventures by Ammena

5. Beauty of Islam by Riham

Yes, they are all wonderful Muslims, women and use blogger - that's just how I roll! :D Inshallah you follow and enjoy them as much as I do. I'd like to put more but i'd be here all day. If you want more from the blogosphere, there's a 'more official' sisters blog award going on so get your votes in quick!

The last dua of 2010:

Ya Allah..
You are very kind to us
You gave us Quran to recite
You gave us air to breathe
You gave us a brain to think
You gave us everything.
Guide us so we will be your grateful servants.

Ya Allah forgive us for the many sins we have done.

Take care everyone!
Ma'a salama ^_^


  1. Salaam Alaikum Sis! Aw, I'm SO flattered! I totally put the pic on my sidebar, its such an honor - jazakillah khair! :)

  2. wow.. jazakAllah khair sis.. I dont know what to say :) insha'Allah I continue to be one of your must reads throughout 2011 :D

  3. Asalaam Alaikum!

    Just discovered your blog. Love it mashAllah and love your cat!!!

  4. No problem ladies, it's much deserved mashallah!

    @ummH, thank you i look forward to seeing more comments from you : ) Please share this blog with your friends too x

  5. Thankyou so much sis, jazakAllah Khair!! Im very flattered :-)
    I will link to you from my blog insha'Allah, xx

  6. Jazak Allah Khair Yara!!
    This is very sweet of you. It means a lot to be part if someone's top favorites. Thank you! May you have a blessed new year.


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