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Half Our Deen Review

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Honest review.

A great idea by Baba Ali.
I really don't trust the other 'too good to be true' sites.
Before I get you all confused, I haven't joined up for myself, alhamdulilah I have been married for almost 6 yrs now, however for some people finding the 'one' is not so straight forward as my story.
So what to do? *sings* "Half Our Deen (dot) coom"! *clears throat*.

This profile was set up on behalf of my lovely friend (yes in this case 'friend' does really mean that and not a cover for myself hehe) :)

So, first of all you need to enter a few basics: name, DOB etc.
Next page: write a little about You and a little about what you are looking for, don't forget a picture! This took quite a while finding a non-strange face but not too attractive photo with hijab for her. Subhanallah we got there in the end. However, one teeny tiny thing started to irritate me with the site (as i was the one setting it up, not her). Once I had uploaded the image, I clicked 'next' and it took me back to the beginning. Tried again. Back to the start. Tried again, back to start. S.A.B.R "inshallah it'll work now!". Nope. One more? bingo! Not too sure why this happened but the HOD techies need to get on that one because I was verrrrry close to leaving the site altogether.

NEXT. This/that questions, your answers and what you would want your future husband to answer (helps HOD to do all the matchey matchey).

NEXT...took me back to the start.
I cannot tell you how many times I went through almost 15 questions. Breathe in...and out *exhales* I knew her answers by heart in the end. Seriously, whatever the glitch is, it needs to be sent packing. Not good, as it feels unprofessional but then I thought it is a small company being the the little train that could, and what can i say? I like ummahfilms videos. For the sake of Allah. Repeated all the steps over. Bingo!

Now the payments page.
$5 a month??
Sorry Baba Ali, that is a little misleading in your video. If someone says that to me I'm thinking contracted in for a year and I pay $5pm - cool.
HOWEVER its actually $60 in one payment and just works out at $5pm over 12m. Disappointed, we took the alternative option, $9pm cancel at any time plan.
The payment page went through with no glitches - subhanallah!! (Joke!).

Then I verified the account. Took a few more this/that quizzes on different topics then searched for a match. No matches. I believe this is because you have to wait for a response from the other party or answer their questions on their profile (??).

Looked through the list of eligable bachelors and clicked 'sounds interesting' thus should notify the other party to take a look at my friends profile. Now we have got to wait and see. Inshallah Khair.

I'll let you know if HOD was a success in a later post.
Ma'a salama :)

P.S: the blessings are upon us, she just received an email to say '**** found you interesting'...exciting!

P.P.S don't you love cliff hanger endings??

This post was not sponsored in any way shape or form from either HOD/Brotherhood Arts. My views, time, money.


  1. Asalam Alaikum,
    JAK for posting this review. I've been contemplating weather or not if I should sign up for HOD, I've been looking for a spouse.
    Thanks again.
    P.S. Ill be following you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Half our deen sucks for Canadian members. Most Canadian Muslimas are over 25. As for Muslimas of under 25 there are only 17. Why would anyone have to pay $9 when they only have 17 profiles to chose from ?

  3. @anonymous: Really? SubhanAllah, I was wondering that same exact question. I e-mailed them asking the same things you are talking about but no reply for like a month :( I was debating whether to pay that 9$ since I had a feeling finding someone in Canada under 25 would be hard...good thing I didn't take that chance then. They should really give you a 'statistic' or idea of the type of members they have (age and country). I mean I really like the whole privacy aspect (it's why I was willing to give it a chance) but it'd be nice not going in blind from that aspect.

    1. I am just wondering, out of curiosity, how old you are yourself. (if you are perhaps 25 or 26). If not, (if you are closer to 30), then what is wrong with a woman >25, who is more mature more responsible.

      I am just wondering, because I myself am younger than 25. Though when I am looking, I look for someone closer to my age. As men who are 27-30, probably want to start a family asap. And I am still studying.

      So the logistics don't work out. So I imagine, if someone is looking to get started right away, then an older woman might be more suitable.

  4. Assalammu' Alaikum,

    There are a 141 active Canadian members on the website. While other sites count all members who have ever registered, Half Our Deen only counts "active" members. Many websites allow people to register but they can not contact anyone on the site until they pay. Thus, when they say we have xxx number of members, they are referring to people who have registered (only a small % of those people are actually contactable since both parties will have to pay to communicate). Since Half Our Deen is a fraction (not even half), it is the most affordable and private option. May Allah (swt) make it easy for all the single people looking InshAllah no matter which site they find their other half on.

    Baba Ali

  5. Salaam Baba Ali
    You may have 141 Canadian Muslims in total. I never denied that. However, the question is how many Canadian Muslim sisters do you have registered that are under 25 ? Why don't you give us a stat for that ? When I paid $9 I had to look into American profiles for sister under 25. Most of the sisters I messaged asked whether I was willing to relocate to US. It made me feel like I am interested in US immigration.
    @ Mohammed
    When I joined the site, it only had 17 Canadian muslima sisters under 25, to chose from. For the British and Americans they have a lot more variety. Also out of 17 there are only about 5-7 sister who upload their pics. The rest put up pictures of flowers.

  6. I just got married in September to my other half Alhamdullilah! We found each other on Half Our Deen earlier this year and it had been about 8 months prior to that that I was searching. It was tough but Allah has a plan for all of us. I wish all my brothers and sisters in Islam the best, May Allah bless HOD for bringing almost 200 couples together...

  7. I just got married in September to my other half Alhamdullilah! We found each other on Half Our Deen earlier this year and it had been about 8 months prior to that that I was searching. It was tough but Allah has a plan for all of us. I wish all my brothers and sisters in Islam the best, May Allah bless HOD for bringing almost 200 couples together...

  8. Here are my critiques:

    - You aren't allowed to see or search on important factors like ethnicity/race, education and profession. I understand that the intention may be to focus our attention on more important things such as values and piety, but...those three categories are deal-breakers for many people and their families - so that the matches you get are not genuine since some percentage of these would be unsuitable either way because of these concerns. eHarmony asks detailed questions about these things then asks how much they matter to you and in respect to race/ethnicity whether you would consider someone of another race/ethnicity.

    - It isn't that clear what you are being matched on. It would be better if the system were maybe working off of imagined types of profiles (demographics) and asking questions to ascertain if you fit the grouping rather than just matching on answers to individual questions. Or could be that the questions simply need to be reassessed. Brothers I was matched with didn't really fit though they may have answered certain questions similarly.

    - Misspelled words throughout the site, including in the suggested questions (I am guessing that the developers have another mother tongue). Not great for first impressions.

    - Pricing is very good. Would be great if there was no automatic renewal/charging of credit cards - this seems sneaky, but is likely just how it's coded. If folks like the service they'll resubmit their cards to continue.

  9. woahhh lol cray cray drama lol im kidding first off Annie, Amen sista... is it just me or are there a lot of boys buy very few MEN out there!! Shallow people need to go away. I feel like with these websites its a hit or a miss. You either get super lucky or you dont. I was on half our deen and met a variety of different folks. Most were creeps and honestly my faith in humanity was slipping away!!! in the end tawwakul is important and i love the picture you have up!! about having Allah in our hearts first <3. so i came back on half our deen for a second try and wow the same guys are there!! not many new people and well ..... its really slow now and i just find it super annoying to be honest! but ladies there is hope: lots of dua and positivity and inshAllah who knows maybe you will find someone on a website ...or maybe not... but just remember to ask Allah to bless you with a god fearing individual who will love and respect you and your family! individuals dont get married ..famillies do! peace out beautiful ladies <3

    1. BURN! :) however- on a serious note: What do MEN and WOMEN have to say about the SITE at the moment.. years after this post has been made?

  10. Instead of whining, why some good muslim volunteer have an access to half of my deen then search and creates statistics on US and Canada based on age and publish it if the HOD staff do not like to do so for getting people just jump in. even $1 is too much if your time and effort you disregard and you do not see a reasonable number of people to communicate with.
    IS not a good idea to help help people decide if the it is worth it?

  11. they now have 244 active canadian sisters as of now. i message them on Fb, and this is what they said.

  12. they have 244 canadian sisters as of now

  13. I've registered in April 2014 and now it's June 2015. I've spoken to few brothers on this website and it seems like these brothers are only interested in dating or passing time. It's hard to understand who is genuinely interested in marriage or not. Waste of time and money.

  14. It's now $7/month which hikes from $60 to $84 and per month is $19....I don't see a difference in pricing now between HOD and ISNA and yes have to say that ppl who post pics of flowers and cats need to get a life. If they are that paranoid about their pic they shouldn't use matchmaking sites and waste other people's time. There are many good men and women out there who want to get married and are serious but I've noticed overall that young Muslims esp from the States are anything but serious. Honestly, no one has the time to keep waiting for your picture or dealing with lies related to your education or background. Again if there is that much paranoia about sharing photos then both you and your photos can stay at home! Be straight forward and honest that's all serious folks are looking for. Bear in mind bros and sis that Allah (swt) sees eveything even when you're on the Internet!

  15. It's now 19/month almost the same as ISNA and folks still post pics of flowers and cats. I'm not interested in marrying a cat, I'm looking for a decent human. Ppl need to seriously grow up and stop being so paranoid, and if they are that psychologically freaked out about sharing their picture, then honestly they should NOT seek searching for a spouse on the Intenet. There are many good men and women out there but they don't have time for games or waiting on seeing who they're taking to forever. I've noticed this trend especially in American Muslims. We are terrible at sharing photos and being transparent and honest from the start. Sisters pls get out of LaLa Land and expect the guy to share every detail about his family and himself when you're withholding your own identity and info related to your family and education. It's a two way street. Serious men want to deal with serious women who are honest and upfront. If you're putting up pics of grumpy cat and still wondering why in the world you're single then maybe it's time to...oh I don't know...remove the grumpy cat picture maybe?

  16. following the past posts , now June 2016 ----as a sister is it worth joining from the UK and looking within the UK? are there plenty of profiles?

  17. following the past posts , now June 2016 ----as a sister is it worth joining from the UK and looking within the UK? are there plenty of profiles?

  18. following the past posts , now June 2016 ----as a sister is it worth joining from the UK and looking within the UK? are there plenty of profiles?


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