Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mark your diaries! SISTERS NIGHT @ WATERWORLD!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

What, where, when: Sisters Funday at WaterWorld (Yay!!)
Saturday 9th July 2011 ~ 7pm – 10pm

(EDIT: It says 'funday' but it's more of a night as it's from 7pm-10pm hehe)

Info:We are pleased to announce the return of the most eagerly awaited sister’s event of the year. Sisters Water World is back!

Water World is the UK’s number 1 Aqua Theme Park featuring: • Breathtaking Indoor White Water Roller Coaster • White Water Rapids • Challenging Assault Course • 4 Lane Family Multi Slide • Mini Children Slides & Pools • Relaxing Spa & Bubble Pools.
Water World has something for all ages, whether you want to ‘chill out’ and relax in the bubble pools or get your adrenaline pumping on the White Water Roller Coaster.
Come and have fun in a safe Islamic environment with female only lifeguards guaranteed. Coach transport is available from Birmingham to Water World. The departure/arrival point will be from Little Green Lane (Between Morrisons & Green Lane Mosque). Under 8’s must be supervised by an appropriate adult at all times.
Dress Code Please ensure that your Awrah is covered at all times. Below are a few suggestions on what you can wear: Top Long Loose T-Shirt/Top. Bottoms Leggings 3 Quarter/Full Length Jogging Bottoms. We would also suggest wearing a leotard under the T-shirt or belt over it as it is likely to float up when you enter the water. A dark coloured T-shirt is recommended as white can become transparent when wet. Swimming water contains chlorine that does discolour certain materials, so do not wear anything too valuable.

My view:Last time was great, my only problem was that it went too quick! I don't know if people organised a coach from birmingham last time but it was packed - maybe that was why. So there was lots of people queing for the rides. However you do have to think positive as it's a great chance to have fun with the girls as it is a very rare occasion! I did mention to my friend that I'll need to wear some different leggings this time around. The pair I wore were cotton and made me get stuck in one of the rides as I wouldn't slide any further (in the supperbowl) so i had to push myself down into the tank of water which isn't as fun when you could we swirling around the bowl and don't know when the drop is coming :D
I live pretty close so I'm going to go inshallah - anyone else thinking of coming??

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