Saturday, 27 August 2011

Rosie & Jim

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Something happened earlier this morning. I stumbled across a picture of a coracle. Yes, a coracle. :) "What has that got to do with anything?" you ask. It was a little nostalgic moment for me because it reminded me of a children's show I used to enjoy (and still know the theme tune to!) called "Rosie & Jim". They were ragdolls who lived on a narrow boat in England. I remember that the man who steered the boat John went in a coracle hehe! That's how it links. It was a really good, educational children's show where they (I say they like they were people lol) would travel around England on the canals and stop off at different places, usually little factory type places that made boats or they showed you where wool comes from, other times they went in hot air balloons or to carnivals and things. I read that the show hadn't been shown since 2004, which is such a shame. I had the shows on VHS when I was little but they are long gone now. On Amazon one VHS is 13.99 :O I also remember my little brother having these really nicely made plushies of Rosie & Jim (look here) and he drew in Jim's drawing book too which was naughty. I really do hope they bring the show back, either a re-make or they will just have to have a dig and blow the dust off the old ones as to be quite honest - they beat the rubbish that's on these days! (and i'm not saying that in an old grouchy lady kind of way I know with being a child care practitioner and refusing to feed children iggle piggle, teletubbies and such like!)

I do think that children's tv has gone down the pan. One reason in which I don't like to use the two tv shows mentioned above is because children need to learn things from clear speech. For example if you say "hello", they child may grasp "e-oh" at first. It may sound familiar as that is the way 'teletubbies' say hello. So if a child mostly hears "e-ho" then he/she will attempt an even shorter version of that, at best they would say "e-oh" whhich is incorrect. Also it is known that there is a high increase of speech impediments and late talkers which saddens me. There are many parents who are guilty of not speaking or interacting with their children and just feed their minds with mush. I am going of subject slightly however if a child is going to see any tv show at all, please let it be a decent ones that they can learn and develop from. :)

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