Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Favourite Tunes of the week

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Honestly, if you feel music is bad for you, then just skip this entire blog post. I understand. There are many schools of thought about music and Islam and I believe that it doesn't say music is haram in the Quran (please correct me if I am wrong). Also music has a big effect on me and only I know what is inside myself. I'm not bumping and grinding in a club or running around with blades in my hands, this is just my way of relaxing in my own little world after a stressful day. Everyone has their own thoughts and mind.
So please, no hating. Thanks!

Lowkey - One World ...it's always a favourite. No words necessary. He says it all.
Remember to check out Lowkey's new album "Soundtrack to the struggle"!

Al Green - Let's stay together. It has to be the best part of Pulp Fiction, during the bruce willis scene. It's just one smooth track and I am in love atm

Coldplay - Paradise. I am so gutted that I couldn't get tickets for their tour in December! I don't know what was up with ticketmaster but I couldn't get through to the pre-sale tickets or the general sale. I guess it was meant to be...well that's what i'm trying to tell myself anyway...my favourite coldplay songs will be in a future post for those who may not have heard much about them (tut tut! ;)

Train - drops of jupiter...it has to be one of those songs that everyone knows but doesn't realise it! : )

Nikka Costa - Everybody got their something... v.sassy! I found it through watching the film ''All about Steve'' with Sandra Bullock. If you haven't heard of her, don't be put off - try something new. Change can be good ^_^

Eric Clapton - Layla...it's funny because I liked the name 'layla' and was going to choose it as my Muslim name, after I reverted to Islam. Hub mentioned something which I can't quite remember now but he basically meant that the name was associated with something bad either here or in Jordan. Why did I want it at first? It's soft on the tongue to say. It's 2 syllables...and I like this song, duh! Has anyone seen ''Big Daddy'' where Buddy meets Layla and tells her "hey i like your song"? I thought that was cute...but I chose 'Yara' and found it a whole lot better as it suited me more alhamdulilah : )

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