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Thinking of Honeschooling? My thoughts...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

This blog post comes to you from a conversation I was having with a sister earlier. She shared this particular article on twitter and after I had read it, it couldn't help but trigger my passion and admiration of parent's who choose to home school. Why? because then our children wouldn't have to face such x-rated subjects when they are as little as 8 years old(!). Call me old fashioned but what innocence would a child have after watching such 'educational' video? Why do they even need to know about the content of the video at such age? Shouldn't parent's be the ones who educate their children on such private matters? As a child care practitioner I simply wouldn't allow that to happen in my classroom. Children are simply growing up too early these days, there's nothing wrong with letting them grow in their own time. If we are shoving this kind of material at them from 8 year's old why is that people are surprised that the teenage pregnancy rate is flying up the chart? My niece has just turned 7 years old and I could not imagine a teacher showing her this sort of perversion in just a year's time. The thing that is shocking is that people are surprised at the out burst that people have against it, calling us 'prude'. Sorry, but I was under the impression that streaming a video borderline pornography would land you in jail, now they say the opposite and sugar coat it like it's nothing.

As parent's, you don't get a say about what is put into the curriculum at school. Some setting's may send a letter home for parents permission to show their child a sexual education video/class but that method is vulnerable as anyone can take a pen to paper to sign the consent slip. You cannot control what goes on in classroom's, one teacher with an average of 20 pupils is impossible to give each child the attention he/she needs.

Apart from public school's, there is also the option of private schools and for myself and friend's; islamic school's. This may seem like a better choice at first glance however there are many factors which can still effect your child's development. For example, fellow children in the school, on the playground. Children learn from their fellow classmates aswell as their teacher. We have all been to school and watched the 'naughty child' play up when his friends are around, that may have even been you at one time. Children can become influenced by others around them, in a positive way, as well as negative. Not to mention those precious minutes slipping away whilst the teacher gives all of his/her attention to the disruptive child and leaving the remaining class members helpless losing their concentration and right to learn. This may give you a better insight, written by parent's who chose to home school their youngest after putting their first children through private school. Homeschool over Private school

During school year's it is known every child is bullied at one time or another. I won't go into the reason's why children decide to bully at this time but I will talk about the effects of this underrated topic. Bullying is the highest cause behind teenage suicide. A child who has been hurt, broken down to the point where they believe the best thing to do in life is to commit suicide so they no longer feel that pain. School's can do very little on bullying. Many form a 'buddy' system where by the older students look after the new year students and they have councillors. However children are scared to use these especially when there are threats against them or the bullying happens outside of school. What I personally find upsetting is that alot of children cannot confide in their parents or even feel confident enough to talk to them. I cannot imagine the anguish that parents go through knowing their son/daughter commited suicide. I have personally been in the middle of racial bullying, my best friend is Asian and her Father took her out of the school because it had got so bad. Even the police were involved at one point so i'm sure you can imagine how useful the high school was in dealing with the issue.

I don't wish for this to scare any parent's who have their children in state school's at the moment. I feel it's good for everyone to know the inside's and out's, to reach out to their children and give them the best childhood possible. Plus we have all been to school and know some of the thing's that can go on. It's just your decision to think about whether you would like your child to go through the same issue's or have a better chance at life through home schooling. It may not be for everyone but it is handy to look into it.

Why is homeschooling so different?
Children who are homeschooled are alot more confident within themselves, generally they achieve higher marks at a younger age as expected in state school's. They learn responsibility from a younger age. They have a stronger bond with their parent's too. If you are a Muslim then you are fulfilling your duty to educate your child, instead of letting complete stranger's (usually non Muslim's at that) teach them and take care of them for a large portion of their day. Remember that children belong to Allah SWT and are only 'loaned' to us as a test, wouldn't you want to take that test and pass with flying colours inshallah? Another point is that you are able to relate to your child regarding learning style. Do you remember when you had that one teacher that taught you a subject and you just didn't get it? then you changed class to a different teacher and picked up the same subject in an instant? well that's because they used different learning styles. Everyone learns differently, if you aren't learning that is not your (pupil) fault , it is the teacher's fault.

However it is not always possible to change classes/teachers at school so what happen's then? Your child may fall behind and begin to lose confidence because they don't understand. At home you can change that up at any time, plus you will have that one to one time to be able to understand each other better. The environment is much better as I mentioned the classroom and playground are areas where your child can learn and possibly pick up bad habits. You can take learning outside; it doesn't just have to be in a classroom. Use the park, library, fire station etc. Something else I wanted to cover was Religious Education class. Many parents which are religious and homeschool enjoy the fact that they can teach their child the correct way to believe and not have anything to prevent that. In school's especially in the west children are taught a number of thing's which contradict Islam. It is good for a child to know what other people believe, however it is not acceptable for our children to be in an activity where they have to go against their own belief's e.g. draw what you think God looks like (I actually found this activity in one of my old school books(!).

Different parent's will have different reason's and intentions, here is one example: Why Homeschool - top 10 reasons.

This video is by a fellow Muslimah, Zohra Sarwari, who chose to homeschool her 3 children. This may give more of an understanding from a different perspective:

Zohra has a homeschooling webpage which you may find handy: Super Charge Homeschooling. There is also an article on her website Why is Home Schooling The Best Choice? along with many other interesting read's.

Some of my readers may never have thought about the prospect of homeschooling but I hope that after reading this it may have triggered some thoughts about what you would like to do in the future inshallah. Remember that if your child is in school at the moment it isn't too late to start homeschooling. There are so many resources out there (book's, blog's and internet site's) as well as social groups (for parent's and children to enjoy), help and free activity resources at your local librarie's.

It will be alot of hard work, that is granted but if you look at what the outcome will be then that struggle and labour of love will all be worth it inshallah! Plus when did anything great in life come for free?? Not to mention the reward's for nurturing a beautiful child who will be an example of a Muslim for generation's to come.

Below are some links to Islamic homeschooling blog's and facebook page's. There is everything from how to get started, reason's why they homeschool, general life of a homeschooler blog post's, project's they do with their children and how to make them - you name it! There's even page's of their own favourite homeschooler's so you can discover more blogger's than the one's that I have listed!

I hope you enjoy them and discover the world of home schooling or even find something new to use as an evening/weekend activity with your children.

Handy Homeschooling site's, blog links and facebook page's:
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Peace to all : )


  1. Asalaam Alaikum!

    MashAllah lovely post! When I read that article it completely freaked me out! My little one is 5 and to be honest I feel she already knows too much!! :(

    JazakAllah Khair for the links

  2. Jazzakallah khairen for posting this.
    I am glad people are speaking up about this issue, we don't have such material in our schooling system yet, but I get the feeling that the more westernized our schools become , chances of this happening increase.

    I am not saying the West is wrong, but I do think what many people take away from the west are hardly the right values. I have come across Christian families who homeschool for the reason you mentioned above. The inappropriate subjects the kids are forced to learn.


~~La ilaha il Allah~~

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