Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hijabi Fashion Week Nov 2011 - Day 5 Wedding Gown Coverage

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Day 5 - Formal Event's

Another blue hijab (with a satin border!!) - World of Islam, Manchester
Black jacket - Designer, TKMAXX
Black abaya underneath which just looks like you have a skirt on when you wear a closed jacket - Jordan

Sequin band abaya - Jordan
Hijab - Jordan
Gold bracelet - Jordan

BONUS: My Bridal outfit!

2 bridal lace hijabs - gifts from Jordan
Bolero jacket - New Look
Bridal arm sleeves - ebay
Wedding gown - Forever Yours

I hope these help, sorry they aren't as clear I had to use photos which I already had rather than taking photos for this particular project : ) I'm loving all your comment's so far mashallah! ^.^

Love HFW

For more of my outfits that are modest, chic and unique, click my polyvore! ^_^


  1. love your wedding outfit... simple yet gorgeous... xxx

  2. I adore your outfit wedding! the dress is stunning!

  3. love yr weadding outfit

    i glad if u can visit mine to =)
    and do leave a comment,i wanted to know yr opinion (^__^)

  4. Your bridal gown is really, really beautiful! :)

  5. One of the best gown that I saw today. Love the design so much! If I'm a Muslim I will definitely use that gown for my wedding. That is also perfect for 2 button mens suits.

  6. Salam sis,

    I am not a fan of english wedding dresses. They are so hard to alter to make modest as shown in your photo with the arms and the waist.
    For my wedding i had an off white Abaya made for me by Akhawat, it was a lot cheaper then an english gown too. I could then have full length sleeves, that were wide, and loose long abaya so was not tight fitting. Even though i had a segregated wedding, when me and zawaji left the venue to go on the zeffa i had to make sure i was fully covered. So alhamdulillah the abaya was beautiful and very modest, they also incorporated a traditional moroccan hood, so i had that up as i left, to cover my full face of make up. and a matching veil too alhamdulillah.

    In Morocco they sell the english wedding dresses but they are so tacky and i am not a fan of the ICE white colour, looks chavy.

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  8. I was really waiting for the information about new trends in mens fashion, and thank you so much for sharing a nice wording with us, please keep it up.


~~La ilaha il Allah~~

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