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Lingerie Shopping, Saudi & La Senza

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

It made me so happy to read this article. If you have travelled to the middle east you would have noticed that it is mostly men who are sales assistant's. It's all ok until you fancy shopping for lingerie or general clothe's for women. When visiting Jordan I alway's noticed it and it put me off from entering some shop's completely.

It can happen in Turkey and Tunisia too, so there's no doubt that it happen's in other largely populated Muslim countries. Sometime's the male owner's or worker's will just stand in the doorway waiting for customer's to enter. Again this is awkward because you don't want to have to squeeze past them or divert into their shop which will start an unwanted conversation. Then you may have them looking over your shoulder as you browse, then meddling with your intimate's as they bag them up(!)

It baffle's me why they haven't thought to do something about it sooner, as i'm sure it effect's their sale's.

In one way i do see where they are coming from, it's better for a man to be in a shop as it's a business where money is located so they are able to defend their business if the worst were to happen. I don't understand why they can't have a female sale's assistant if there's a mahrem in the back room. Plus, do you know any Arab men who would walk in a lingerie shop and buy something for their wife, on their own? Me neither!

Although this is common, it isn't the same for all retail store's. I know that in Amman, Jordan I had my hijab styled for a wedding by a hijab designer. The shop sold jilbab's, abaya's, hijab's, pins and all other type of accessories. She worked with another girl and an older gentlemen who may have been a family member. I was far more comfortable to go to her for my shopping need's than another shop with a man in his mid-20's.

As many women would agree, this is a great step forward for Saudi Arabia. Not only for shopping need's but for independence of women through out the middle east to be given the equality and right to work. Inshallah more companie's will follow suit in the near future.

Image credit to NYTimes
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Staying on the subject of lingerie, I was so sad to see La Senza close down :( I could not fault their item's. From the underwear down to the pyjama's, they were great quality!
I first heard the news through a tweet of Theo Paphetis' (as you may know, he was an investor of them in the beginning). However if you are looking for a similar line he is involved in Boux Avenue. I haven't tried any of their product's yet, but i'm sure it won't be too long, as I love shopping for those girly thing's! I believe that it alway's make's you happier and more confident within yourself when you have gorgeous, well fitting item's on, no one can tell but you and it's alway's good to look fab in front of the man in your life!

Here are some of my -not too intimate to share on the internet- favourite's which caught my eye:

White Chiffon 3 votive candles set

Renee jersey lounge palazzo pants

Maggie jumper
£28.00 - SALE £14.00. They need to restock these!

You can shop online or at any of their store's. Let me know if you have tried any other their product's in the comment's below!

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  1. Hear Hear!! i couldnt agree with you more its very uncomfortable to say the least


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