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20 Reason's Why I Love Jordan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Here are the thing's which I love about Jordan and what make's each time better than the last. Family, friend's, fun and sun and everything else in between.

Roman Theatre in Al Balad, Amman - Image is my own

1. Muslim Country - I can me a Muslim, M.U.S.L.I.M. I can relax, I am me. I am happy. I don't fell an outcast. Some people may stare at me because they can tell i'm a an English girl but I prefer that over the racial hate stare's anyday.

2. The Athan (Muslim's call to prayer) - It's the "real McCoy", no app's or athan clock's going off at silly time's. It happen's 5 time's a day, on time, every day. It's beautiful to wake up to in the morning's and it's just an amazing sound for the soul, Muslim or not.

3. Wearing hijab - It's so much safer to be wearing hijab and jilbab in Jordan. It's pretty much the norm and a breath of fresh air compared to some place's in UK.

4. Family and their hospitality - what can I say? Everyone was so welcoming mashallah. They can never do enough for you. Even with the language barrier between some family member's you know where their heart is and love need's no language (corny, but true!)

5. Falafel & Shwarma 24/7 - *big grin* need I say more??! Apart from the fact a huuge falafal sandwich with salad and fries is about 50p - bargain!

6. Cheap dry cleaning - Now this was a shocker for me, so I had to include it! My husband took his winter cashmere work coat and decided to get it dry cleaned. He come back and told me to guess how much they charged him. It cost just over £2. Less than £3 to clean his coat, mashallah! And a great job was done too. In the England or the US that would have cost a fortune. So, if you're travelling and you need something dry cleaned, it's worth taking that garment! ;)

7. Women in Mosque's - Women actually have their own area of a mosque, unlike the UK's mosque's where the men have a large hall and the women are left with the cleaning cupboard to squeeze into. Subhanallah.

8. Dial-a-hijama - Well, not quite. When I got my hijama done (I highly recommend it btw!!) it was done by my Mother in law's friend. We were so busy for that trip we had to cancel a few appointment's but she was lovely enough to come by one morning and do it the front lounge or 'saloon' as the Arab's say. She did a wonderful job. I just realised that I never blogged about it, inshallah i'll write my expereice to share with you.

9. Female hair salon - Ohh yeaah!! I know one where I live in the UK. Just one. In Amman there are so many. Not forgetting that they have spa's and beauty salon's too, check out 'Zubaida' where my sister in law had her wedding hair and make up done! Bliss.

10. Shop's open late - No matter where you go, from Sweifieh to Jibal Hussein to Mecca Mall. You can shop late into the evening, unlike here if you need something the only place to go is the 24hr Tesco's. : /

11. SUNSHINE - Being in England you miss the sun. Alot.

12. Eating out - hassle free. - No need to worry about pork or alcohol, just EAT!! As an avid ingredient list scanner myself, this felt like a holiday on it's own. Not forgetting the range of food that is available, mashallah!

13.Eid Celebration's - I have heard so much about the Eid celebration's over there and can't wait to enjoy them one day. In the west Eid can easily pass by just like any other day. Booo!

14. Hijab's galore! - It's just that. No matter what a Muslimah could need. You can get it, in any quality, colour, size, variation, it's yours.

15. Repair anything and everything - One thing which I have noticed about Muslim Arab's is that they are not wasteful. I rmemeber my handbag zip got jammed and typical western me thought i'll have to leave it or just use it as storage in the house. My brother in law said he'd take it and give it his friend. He come back later on and that baby was fixed. Back from handbag heaven! Their range of repair's goes beyond zip's but that was my own personal example.

16. Tastier fruit & veg - I know recently Jordan have followed the west and used hormones etc but when I first went their produce was so tasty. I generally find that it is in a hotter country. It's much riper, sweeter, juicier and more fulfilling than good's from England.

17. Traditional bakery - I love authentic little business'. It's really hard to find them in England these day's. They bake you bread on a hot fire stone oven. You can choose to add extra's including egg, zatar - you name it. There is no taste like that hot fresh bread straight out of the oven. Gregg's has got nothing on them!

18. Olive oil - Palestinian's and their olive oil, like two pea's in a pod. My husband's family are originally Palestinian and i'm pretty sure most Arab's love the zaytoon (olive)! My mother in law get's it from a special farm and I found out that (because of it's quality and price) some people can't afford to pay it in full so they actually get a barrel of olive oil on a payment plan. Subhanallah. Like how someone can get a DFS sofa on installment, they choose to get the finest, tastiest olive oil.

19. Family and Friend's - everyone is very close, and generally some people will be named as a particular family member but they aren't actually family. There's a real bond between everyone. They all want to help you out too. Therefore if you need anything done there's alway's this guy's friend's uncle who can help, hehe. The phrase "it's not what you know, it's who you know" is very apt with Arab's.

20. Lot's to do - There's lots to do in Amman, but if you wanted to see more of Jordan all you need to do is book a trip with JET (Jordanian Coach service, similar to National Express and the like) Option's include; Aqaba (great for sailing, fishing and shopping), Petra (one of the wonder's of the world), the Dead sea (another wonder of the world)...Jordan border's so many other countrie's too so you can easily holiday to them if preferred.

Petra - Image is my own

Let me know if you have ever been to Jordan and let me know what you think in the comment's below. : ) Peace.


  1. Assalamu Aleykum sister,

    I've never been to Jordan, but I've been on the other side of the border (Palestine), and the first pictures (street, flag, house) reminds me alot of Palestine.What I loved there was the weathe, shopping, halal food everywhere, women wearing hijab/abayas everywhere, and of course the adhan.I miss that feeling you get when you're in a muslim country, that feeling of belonging which I hardly feel here in Europe.I miss the adhan so much!

    Lot of love

    1. wa alaikum salam wa rahmatullah :)

      It's funny you should say that because that particular area of Amman is highly populated with Palestinian Jordanian's. Also how the flag blew, it could well be the palestinian flag as it doesn't show the white star (being the only difference of the two coutries flags).

      Yes, i agree with you 100%, "belonging" that's the word I was looking for hehe ^_^

  2. Interesting post!!!

    I like your blog!
    Check out my blog, follow each other?


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