Monday, 27 February 2012

Modest Fashion Monday ~ Personal Fashion Style

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


My personal fashion style: 


I'm all for simple, clean cut, no faff style's. I can't stand busy or clashing pattern's and OTT garment's or accessory over-load. 


I feel my best when i'm comfortable, not worrying about if something is uncovered and i can focus on the task at hand or just relax instead of forever adjusting a garment. For example, clutch bag's, what are they all about?? They are just a pain to carry around and personally i don't like not having my hand's free.


I never dress in sweat's in public and alway's make an effort as I feel better for it. If you look good, you feel good. Also I feel you should respect other's around you as they are the ones who have to see you. For example, these women who wear short short's with Ugg boot's are offensive to the eye's. Just because you are "proud" of you body doesn't mean you should flaunt it around to put people of their dinner, respect your self and cover it up. The same goes for larger women who still think they can fit into size 6, i beg you, it need's to stop. If you dress for your size and shape (pear, apple, straight, hour-glass..) and you will look a whole lot better. 


When it comes to 'fashion' identity is one thing which is lost. Some may say the opposite but although people think fashion and dress give you an identity, people following fashion's isn't unique. One thing which I highly consider a fashion 'faux pas' is when women or men will rush out to buy the latest 'in' thing but not even think to check if it suit's them. You all know what I mean, those people who look really proud to be in with the trend's but as hard as they try they just look misplaced and a little desperate. I don't care if it's Ralph Lauren (or any other designer) if it look's like something the cat wouldn't even sleep on! 

One thing about me is that I will only wear what I want to wear, not what other's think is cool. If i wear something that is 'in' then that will be pure coincidence. So when I say "i love fashion", it's true but i just dislike how it is taken out of context with this 'sheep' behaviour as everyone start's to look like each other. Just last week there was a quote made by Vivienne Westwood who is responsible for a British fashion institution:

 "Everyone looks the same and their clothes have never been so ugly..." 

which personally, i believe is down to the disposable fashion culture, largely due to Primark. Investing in higher priced garment's will not only last longer but will stay as key wardrobe pieces for a while as you generally save more as you aren't paying over and over for cheap item's that don't even last two washes.  This said, I don't avoid Primark, as you can find some good offer's, but what you have to do is find your own style and pick garment's suited to you. 

You can mix high street and high end, it's just about how you feel. I'm one to turn down designer for high street if it looks hideous, why pay for something that you don't like? Just to boast about how much it is? I mean if that is your intention then you fell off the fashion boat a long time ago.

Also I will not be made to feel  guilty about continuing to wear something when it is believed to be "out of fashion", as i won't be sucked into consumerism. I paid for it, i like it, it's comfortable and if that's your concern any fashionista know's, all thing's come back into 'fashion' at one time or another anyway, so why waste? 

Fashion comes and goes, but style is forever!

What's your Personal Fashion Style?


  1. Love the detailed post and how you analyzed your personal style. Anyone can do fashion (with little or a lot of money) but personal style has to be developed. Perhaps that is what you were trying to get at? You can't call yourself having personal style if you haven't taken the time to find out what works for your shape. Your post makes me want to do something similar on my blog. I will say I am NOT simplistic, nor do I flock to trends, but I will flock to something that looks good on me, because I do find it is difficult to dress my type of body.

    :) All the best!

    1. A little yes, i didn't mean to go on a tangent but oh well lol, too opinionated for my own good sometimes. : ]

      Yeah, you should do it on your blog, go for it!

  2. I like the way you have directly talked about fashion faux pas. Some wear fashion because it is, even if it makes one look badly dressed.

    I am not into fashion, but I know what looks good on people. Personally I don't like all black hijabs top to bottom, but prefer a bit of color with black. Black hijab with color dress or color hijab with black.

    1. I feel the same, some colour is fine and works as a great contrast but there is a line we shouldn't cross when out in public alhamdulilah : )


~~La ilaha il Allah~~

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