Sunday, 5 February 2012

Viva la Diva - My Coldplay favourite's!

Before I begin, i'd like to point out that there are many different view's on music in Islam. You don't have to read/listen to this blog, but if you do then please enjoy.

Some of my older post's included favourite Coldplay song's and I said that I would write a post on some of my favourite's for those interested in listening to some of their best song's.
So, let's get straight to it!

For me, this. is. Coldplay! Young raw British talent and such catchy guitar riff's. An oldie but goodie!

A Message
just listen.

Viva La Vida
Iconic violin intro, who can forget this song? Used in many advertisement promotion's and inspiring video's worldwide, nearly 100 million view's on youtube to date, Viva la vida was a hit. You cannot not listen to it and come away in a worse mood than what you started with, and that is why I love Coldplay.

Although their new work is good, nothing beat's their older stuff. I can't believe more people haven't heard this song before. I can listen to this song on repeat, for day's! What can I say, their music make's me happy!

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
You have to listen to it!

This is one beautiful moving piece. Coldplay are the one's who can translate emotion, meaning, and passion and still be successful today!

In My Place
A classic, pure and simple.

Magical! My favourite part is where the elephant hold's onto the bar with his trunk whilst riding the Tube xD One of their best videos to date. Need I say more?! It's the 2011 "Clock's" which is also ah-mazing!

Don't Panic
Mistaken for the title of "beautiful world" this song is very mellow and just an all round lovely reminder. It's probably their most underrated song!

L.o.v.e the lyric's, and the fact that my hub and I will sometime's sing this to each other *corny alert* ^__^. I have also got my hub hooked on Coldplay too, it just had to be done.

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
Their first release after what felt like for-ever. Going through a rough time, listening to it meant alot.
"i'd rather be a comma than a full stop...i'm in the gap between the two trapeze's..."
Live at Glastonbury.

And finally:

Fix You
The ultimate Coldplay classic. I believe this relate's to most people, has been the back track to alot of memories and experiences; happy and sad. No matter where you live i'm pretty certain you must have heard this song... if not, ENJOY!
(I have included the lyric video for a better understanding at how truely amazing this song is, you can find the official video on youtube here)

I love the majority of their song's but I cannot list them all : ) I don't agree with the one with Rhianna, what were they thinking?! Sorry Coldplay, but no, big mistake, you don't her.
Coldplay are one band i'd love to see live. I don't think i'd want to see anyone else play more than I do Coldplay.
I was so disappointed that all ticket's for their arena 2012 tour sold out within minute's and tout's were selling them on ebay for hundred's of pound's. Joke! I'm sure there's a better way at going about it to save tout's abusing fan's, for all show's not just a Coldplay concert. I may look into the outdoor arena tour, even though i'm not fond of rubbing up against smelly strangers, there maybe a seat somewhere! (No moshing for me, thank you!) because even just watching them live on TV is mind blowing, I couldn't imagine what it'd be like in person. I remember watching them perform on a chat show in the US via their website and the audience just didn't comprehend what they were witnessing, shame on them. Shame on them.

P.S: I need a bag full of that butterfly confetti they use at their show's, as you all know of my love of Butterflie's!

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