Monday, 6 February 2012

What's NEW On This Muslimah's Blog!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

This past week I have been working on sprucing up my blog. A spring clean for "A Muslimah's Musing's". What do you think? I have been looking at it for far too long so a reader's thought's would be appreciated. Here is a quick recap of what I love and left, as well as a few blogging tip's thrown in for good measure!

Out with the old:

- Pre-made Layout. Although it's pretty, it just restrained my creativity on my blog and because the coding was already set I had no clue where to start even if I wanted to adjust one tiny thing. They are good for beginner blogger's but once you remove your stabiliser's and want to run free, DIY will be your best option! It's out of here!
- Random Widget's/Gadget's. These were based in the sidebar, but because I wanted a more simplistic layout, those have been moved (some, not all) into some of the tab's at the top of the blog (more about those later). Not forgetting that they can sometimes delay the loading of the blog page for my lovely reader's, and I wasn't having that for any longer. If your blog take's it's sweet time to load, have a look through your's to see what is necessary and more importantly - what's not!

In with the new:

- New banner/Title. Let me know what you think in the comment's below. If you are not sure why I have an addiction to butterflies be sure to 'follow' this blog and check back for a later post explaining the link and meaning of them to me.
- Useful tab's. Set at the top of the page, below the banner, now include's 'My Blog Award's' and other useful link's! Very handy!
- Threaded comment's. Now you will be able to see if I replied to your comment personally, which work's so much better, well done blogger!
- Organised labels. I originally thought they were to be used as 'tags' (if you use 'weheartit' or 'tumblr' you will know what I mean!) so that was a loong, loong, loong night erasing the original's and adding brand spanking new one's. Dear Blogger, you need a new way to edit label's! Sincerly, a sleepless night.
- Share button's! Like one of my post's? You can now share it with your friend's much easily via facebook, twitter and more! Find them at the end of each post.
- Signature. I have used a mini intro for a while but never stepped up to a signature but had a little think and I thought i'd try it out, to help 'officially' end a piece.
- Popular Post's. These are post's that have had the most view's, which don't alway's coinside with what I feel are my best article's ;) They are based in the side bar.

On the way I picked up a few extra tip's and trick's so it wasn't all bad. I'm still having a little trouble with adding uber large image's to my post's though. I upload them with the blogger uploader and end up having to change the height and width which can sometime's blur the image, not a look i'm going for.

The search goe's on! If you can help, then please share your knowledge. ^_^

This is what I use, is this the old fashioned way?!


  1. Salaam alaykum,

    Masha'Allah, I really like it.
    You made it from scratch?

    1. wa alaikum salam,

      Aw thank you! That's good news :))
      Not entirely from scratch but I used the skeleton of a blogger layout and added everything else myself, much better than a pre-made template :D

  2. Asalam Alaykum you have to use the new Blogger interface and then when you load images they will be the exact size. Make sure they do exceed your post width though.

    1. wa alaikum salam Noor,
      I am currently using the new interface but it still bring's up the same box as the image above, without the 'original size' option :/


~~La ilaha il Allah~~

Thank you for the comment. I love reading them all. I'm really sorry if I can't reply to everyone but I do try my best. Hope you understand. Peace.


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