Thursday, 1 March 2012

January & February Favourites!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Nouman Ali Khan - "Sin's of the tongue". I enjoy listening to islamic reminder's and his lecture's are always easy on the ear's. This video is a must see for anyone. You'd be surprised at how many thing's we do without even realising it. Sometime's from our own heart's and other are whisper's from you know who, audoobilah. I really believe that if we all improved in this area of communication the place would be alot better to live in. You and I both know that a few word's which come out of a person's mouth can either put you off them forever or make you want to be their BFF!
  It's only 15 minute's long so don't forget to hit play and share with your family and friend's afterward's. If you aren't reflecting at the end of it, then you must know something is wrong(!)

Call the Midwife - A BBC period drama set in 1950's east end London. Based on the book of the same name by Jennifer Worth. I enjoyed the whole series. It was in 6 part's and very detailed and I enjoyed the different stories of each family but most of all the practice of the midwives themselves. Comedienne Miranda Hart also  had a role in it from part two along with a few other familiar face's. The only problem I had with it was that I found out it was based on a book when i was already sucked into it. I love to read a book before it's turned into something on screen. How i hadnt heard about it before now amazes me also!

Dancing on ice - one of my favourite shows which i always look forward to watching each year. I like how they have changed it around this time. One of the best moment's was when Christina Perri sang "Jar of Heart's" whilst Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean skated. Pure bliss. I had it recorded on sky and repeated it Allah knows how many times! Amazing talent shown by each of them. Intricate skating moves that they make look so incredibly easy, drawing the emotion from the song,  it was just spectacular. I kept on watching their skate's through the dry ice and each time i saw it i saw something new. They really are very talented. I loved every part of it even down to the end when Chris smiles at Jane hehe. Why aren't they married?! 
I found it on youtube, Enjoy!

The worst moment's so far have been Jennifer kicking herself in the head with the point of her blade - ouch! and Jorgie cut Matt's face right inbetween the eyes with her blade! Ouch! What was surprising is how professional they were after each accident happened, Jennifer completed her skate and Matt lowered Jorgie down like a true gent - i would have dropped her tbh! Phillip Schofield said on This Morning that the surgeon who operated on Matt was the same one who parted some conjoined twin's and he sewed his head up from the inside (however that's done!) subhanallah. So he's been told there won't be a scar..."have you been injured in an accident at work?" ;)

 Martina Cole - The Take - After reading other book's of hers i decided to read this one. It's not her latest, it's quite an old book.. It has some dark theme's to it like many others so it's probably not everyone's cup of tea. However I have only read the first few chapter's so can't say much more about it. Only that i need to get back into as it's been sitting there for a couple of week's now!

McVitie's Chocolate Digestives - need i say more? : )

Harry Potter DH Prt 2 - Yes I finally watched it the other week. Having read all the book's and feeling rather diappointed in the screen play's as they miss so much detail and event's out made me not run to the cinema on it's opening night. I finally got round to watching with my husband, and a good job too! Did you see that snake? D: The film was actually quite good, very exciting and moving in part's. It had the odd lol moment which was good too. However i'm still and alway's will be a book person.

Beauty Product
The Raspberry Kiss Body Scrub by Treacle Moon - I highly recommend it. It works wonder's on my pore's, smells great, and doesn't contain any nasties!

BTW who do you want to win Dancing on Ice if you watch it? I like Chemmy but i think it's going to be out of the usual top 3: Jorgie, Matthew and Chico.


  1. I love Nouman ali's stuff. One day i spent several hours listening to his you tube videos mashallah


  3. interesting blog :)


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