Tuesday, 17 April 2012

33 Dawah Idea's For Women

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Women play a major role in the construction and reformation of society.  InshAllah, sister's in Islam can take some idea's from these tip's. 

  • Start islamic classes or book club's in the home; spreading the teaching's of Islam to neighbour's and friend's

  • Offer tasty meal's to neighbour's (or family, if you are a revert) with a card mentioning hadith, ayah's of The Quran or an inspirational quote from a trusted scholar

  • Start a blog or website and post islamic information and reminder's

  • Supporting, helping and encouraging your husband to continue dawah work

  • Create a support group for revert sister's in the mosque or islamic centre

  • Start an SMS/Email/Facebook network to share useful reminder's

  • When out in public, act as a Muslim should. Don't tell them you're a Muslim, show them. You may want to research characteristic's and manner's of a Muslimah or read The Ideal Muslimah first.

  • Have patience and listen. Especially if you are a revert yourself you know how long your personal journey took so take it easy on other's inshAllah. 

  • Continue dawah if you are blessed to witness a person revert. Reverting is not the end of the road for them, it is actually a crucial part, the beginning of a new chapter in their life so do not leave them hanging thinking they can teach themselves now. They are not just a number, fear Allah SWT and keep in contact with them.

  • Watch YouTube Video's to improve your dawah skill's

To read more tip's, make sure to download the free PDF by Umm 'Eesaa here.

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