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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

For a few year's the book 'The Hunger Games' has been sitting on my 'to-read' list. Along with another 200+ book's. 
When news was released that The Hunger Games was due to be made into a film, i made a point of trying to read it before i saw anything of the film, even the trailer. 
I found THG triology in The Work's for £7.99. Brilliant deal, because it would have cost more for used book's on Amazon! Although a few day's later, I saw them for £4.99 from The Book People (they still have that offer for anyone interested!), but oh well what's was done.

A few thing's about my Hunger Games experience

When i got the books home i opened the trilogy, and as you do with new book's: checked out the cover's, felt paper quality, and beamed with excitement as I was eager to finally read them!

But then, BIG mistake.

I turned over the second book of the series, read a few quotes' from other successful authors and then read something which pretty much gave away the main story of THG. After kicking myself a few times i desperately tried to forget what i read, failing miserably. 

Not letting that get me down I read it. Within a day. It was so so so good! You will never truely know until you read it. Don't worry, this is a spoiler free zone! I hate when people spoil a good book/TV show/Movie for me so I wouldn't do that to you. I'm a huge believer that you should never judge a book by it's movie and I hate not reading the book before I see a movie. I'm also one of those people who find's it a little annoying when people completely disregard the book's and fan the films. They maybe great movies but that's generally because of the storyline and that it was a fantastically written book. When i bought THG books a man behind me said to his Mother "You know that movie that's coming out, it's a book too" if to say now the movie is out they made a book for it, lol!

What's all this got to do with Hyacinth?? Well, my way of reading is skimming, i know other people read word for word, but i'm quite a fast reader. That doesn't mean i miss words/half the story out it just mean's my brain take's the sentence's in quicker. I remember my English teacher talking about this and asking why the class didn't read like that (like her) so it must just happen when you got older or generally read alot more. I should tell you that there is a character in the book's called Haymitch, so when this character first come into the story my brain, for some odd reason, registered it as Hyacinth. No matter how many times i went over and repeated 'Haymitch' my brain was pretty adamant with holding it's own, so for the majority of the story he was Hyacinth. Which is kind of funny if you know what type of character he is, lol! I guess it's a pretty similar word H then Y and ending in TH. ^_^

After all of that I still enjoyed it. Once I finished the book I rang my husband and I spoke about it for so long. Bless him, he listened and was happy that I was happy and enjoyed it. You know you're reading a great book when you have your own movie going on in your head. Delight, heartache, suspense are what great stories are made of, and this didn't fail!

I love the new hype and attraction toward's archery now, because the main female character is a dab hand with a bow and arrow! I love archery and have done it since i was young so I found that pretty cool :D

I'm currently in the middle of the second book of the trilogy "Catching Fire" and recommend them to ALL. Honestly, please do not be put off by the fact that THG is categorised under "young adult". A book is a book at the end of the day. You will be missing out on so many great book's if you only read what other's choose/decide what's best for you and your age group.

Have you read The Hunger Games? 
Share your thought's but please do not leave spoiler's(!)

"May the odds be ever in your favour!" - or as the Muslim's would say "Inshallah khair" : )



  1. I still need to read the books, before I even think about watching the movie! Although it's kinda impossible to find time with coursework deadlines and exams coming up. Might have to get the ebook version to put on to my ereader =)

    1. Yeah that'd be a good idea for when you have a break from the important stuff! :) Hope you enjoy it!

    2. ...and inshallah khair for your exam's!!

  2. In the newspaper I read mothers complaining because this book is about kids killing kids.

    1. Mmm it has had some press with people complaining about it along side the 'BULLY' movie palaver.

      However, it really isn't what you think it would be, there's more behind it and the concept is quite interesting of what a future world could be like.

  3. I also wrote about this on my blog because I'd also heard the complaint (and said it myself) that it is about kids killing kids. But at the heart of it, that isn't what it is about. It is about the oppressed and the oppressors and about fighting for justice. My own kids (11 year old twins) had some really insightful things to say about the books.


~~La ilaha il Allah~~

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