Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My Life List

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Life list, bucket list: call it what you will, we should all have them.
Life goal's on the thing's we value most. Thing's we'd like to do, see, and experience. Some small and mundane to some or huge beyond belief but they all speak volume's to the list owner. Why i say we should all have them is because it's nice to dream, believe and achieve those thing's which make us happy. I guess it's just good old soul food.

Here is my list:

Marry the man of my dreams

Become a child care practitioner

Find the meaning to life

Have children

Memorise more chapter's of The Quran (preferably all of them inshallah)

Learn to drive

Perform and complete one of the five pillar's of Islam; Hajj 
(Pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia)

Travel to Italy

Go zip-lining or 'Go Ape'
Become a Midwife

Float in the dead sea

Take photos with my husband for a black & white photobooth strip

Sky dive for charity

Own a macaw

Learn Italian

Visit the orphanages in Jordan and Palestine and do as much work physically possible for them 

Write 1,00 things which i'm thankful for and turn it into canvas art

Ride in a helicopter

Go strawberry picking

Live abroad for at least a year

Learn fluent Arabic

Visit every country i've never been to

Explore a butterfly garden

Go to the big apple: New York City

Swim with dolphin's

Learn to knit

Ride a jet ski

Go skiing in Switzerland

Take a midnight swim under the star's

Go to the X games

Create scrapbooks of photos, menus, tickets, tags...

Own my own chickens

Learn to ride a horse

Hold a leopard cub

See Coldplay perform LIVE

Read more than 12 novels in a year

Learn to cook more Arabic dessert's

Write my reversion story for my children to read

Own a BMW

Ride in a hot air balloon

Scuba Dive in the great barrier reef

Ice skate in central park

Take a road trip in USA, on route 66!

Ride a gondola 


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