Monday, 30 April 2012

March & April Favourites

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Event: Bird's of A Feather
You may remember it from the 90's or if you have seen old repeat's on Sky you know it's a British (Essex) comedy about two sister's and their neighbour. I went to the theatre with my Mum to see it as a stage show and it was a great night out. We had front row seat's  and it was really funny!

Book: The Hunger Games
You need to read it.

Food: Arayes
This is one of my favourite Arabic food's. Here i have served my husband's with a little hummus, pickled pepper's and some sweet chilli sauce. If you've never had them, some people describe them as "arab style calzone's", but ive never had a calzone so I couldn't say if it is or isn't. However they are the most yummiest thing ever! (and i'm not just saying that because i made them hehe). They are thin mince meat patties in pitta bread. Keep your eye's peeled for my personal recipe coming soon! You don't want to miss them!

Vimeo Video: A conversation with Suhaib Webb
An eye-opening, refreshing talk from Imam Suhaib Webb. The Q&A session at the end is great too. A video for all who want to learn and become better Muslim's, focusing on our own deen, mind and soul rather than what everyone else is doing wrong (which is all too common on sites such as facebook, twitter and tumblr!) 
A must watch, i regretted having this open in a tab on my browser for day's. PLEASE WATCH!

TV Show: Homeland
Yes, it's good, but it does have a few bad part's. It's another show which can be added to the "let's play on Ay-Rab & Moslem stereotypes" but we'll throw a "turned American solider" in just for good measure so they don't all hate us! However it is interesting and the story makes you want to know what happen's to keep you watching, so from that angle it make's a good show if the viewer want's to watch next week.
IMO the main female role really isn't believable, i think they could have found someone a little better as some scenes which should be eerie and suspenseful are laughable. I don't know if it's because she's typecast in my mind as the girl in "shopgirl" or what. Then we have the stereotype's of Arab men; what? you aren't a terrorist??! oh, so that must mean you are a sex crazed Saudi prince! Which is highly funny with being married to an Arab! They also 'taught' the actor's arabic and Al-Fatiha (the first chapter in The Quran, recitation is required for praying), which should have been improved. Yes slip up on general Arabic lingo but when putting The Quran in a show: do it right, or not at all.
In the UK we still have the finale of season 1 to see, and i hope it's good! If you can get over the fact that the main female lead is not as believable as expected and you can laugh off the silly stereotypes, it really is a good watch!

Treat: Head Massager
I cannot stress how good this feel's. You get so many tingles and you are instantly relaxed, it's best to get the other half to do it whilst relaxing on the sofa together. 
A fab inexpensive pamper session for £1! It's ah-mazing mashallah! 

Beauty Product: Soap & Glory Hand Food
My go-to hand cream, and it's PINK! What's not to love? My full review is here.

Movie: Limitless
I know i know, i've only just got around to watching this. We borrowed a friend's blu-ray dvd. It was actually the first blu-ray disc I had seen, which you might find surprising as my husband and I are movie nut's! Call us crazy but we weren't prepared to renew our DVD collection of around 400-500! Especially now that everything is moving to digital and technology is moving so much faster than before, it's only a matter of time when blu-ray will be out dated. None the less, the quality is outstanding, i'm happy i experienced it by watching a great film too. Great concept, actor's and story. Thumb's up! If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it.

Thing: Car!
 Yay, my first car :D Mashallah!! We got our first car this last month and the freedom has been amazing! Alhamdulilah, after all this time thinking we'd have to sacrifice getting our preferred choice of model we got a fab little brum that we are so happy with alhamdulilah. Feeling very blessed this month. We have been to my step sister's engagement party near Birmingham and I had a day to Rocester with my Mum. I still need to get my license inshallah but i'm one step closer!!

Youtube Videos: NYC vlogs. 
Some of my favourite vlogger's went to New York and it got me really excited for my future trip to NYC! Technology today, you can be anywhere in the world whilst still sitting on your sofa!


Snack Food: Chocolate chip brioche, mmmm!
I personally just have these as a quick snack as they are easy to grab and are just enough to keep you going until you have lunch. I'm not too sure where they are from but it's possible that it's Tesco's as hubby was the last to do the shopping.

What are you loving this month?

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