Friday, 27 April 2012

Soap & Glory Hand Food Review

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hand Food (I love the name!)

After hearing the crazy hype about it, i had to try it. 
I was running low on my bargain find nivea "age defying" hand cream (which i found on offer in wilko's for around £1.30!) so needed something new.

Hand Food is the first product from Soap & Glory that i have tried and it's a fantastic place to start. It really does smell amazing, if you want to kill two bird's with one stone, use this instead of buying the Miss Dior Cherie perfume, as it smells so similar! It doesn't leave your skin greasy either, which for a cream of this price is very rare!

Hand Food has great quality packaging and does it's job so well. It's the type of cream where you don't have to re-apply 10 times a day. Sometimes I think companies create lotion's and potion's so your skin relies on them or dries your skin out more than before you applied the cream, making you buy more product (Nivea creme in the blue tub, being one of them!) I only need to use a tiny pea sized amount of Hand Food each time too, so i know this will last quite a while!

Money well spent!

Available in Boot's for £5 (125ml), which is more cost effective than the smaller handbag sized one for £2.50 when you only get 50ml (half the price of the bigger one but you don't get half the amount of product, you get less). I don't think the bigger size is that big to put in your handbag either, maybe that's just me. Choosing between the weight of my bag or getting more for my money; the latter always wins!

It's fast becoming my favourite hand cream.


  1. Is it halal? Because its written on the packaging that it contains marshmallow so I'm afraid it's the non halal marshmallow, ya knw the one that contains pig gelatin.

  2. Think it's the marshmallow plant:

  3. This it's Marshmallow the plant rather than the confectionary:


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