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Shopping on a Budget: The Look For Less

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

You know i'm always one for a bargain, well if you didn't - you will by the end of this post!

One thing which annoys me, when i'm out shopping, is insane mark ups. When one high end shop sell's something with a massive price tag just because you have the privelige of buying it from them. Basically if something is worth £2 a company will then sell it for £10, fashion is one of the biggest industries this is done in and we are letting them. 

Guaranteed you will find some places hold far higher quality item's which are worth every little penny however alot are just lower in price and have been marked up to keep their business afloat. It's understandable from a business owner's perspective but from a consumer's - not so much. 

Sometimes it's ok to pay a little more but what gets me is when you can plainly see an item is exactly the same, (no doubt made in the same factory in China - did anyone see Gok Wan's documentary "Made in China"? Bra's for Victoria's Secret and Asda are made in the same place with fabric, thread, machine work...!) and they have the cheek to charge you double, triple or even more for the same item when you can go else where, buy it, and still have money left over to put in a saving's pot or treat yourself to something extra.

I don't know about you, but i'd rather put any extra money in my pocket rather than Mr Money Baggs'! There's no brand loyalty in my house as it's just not logical considering most companies don't look after their current customer's and give new customer's the best deal's.
Also if you are making yourself broke to look rich/designer then you need to act your wage. So the clever thing to do is get the look for less! 

There are numerous blog's which have been created and dedicated for this purpose so if you see something you like you could google it and have a browse to see if there is a cheaper (in price not quality) alternative, check out my latest "The WWW" post to see my favourite's!

It's so easy to do it yourself too, especially if you're like me and you like trawling through lot's of online stores and fashion sites, you soon spot some little trend's and item's which could help you get a fab outfit which look's alot more than it cost's.

Here are a few example's of what I stumbled across, they may not be everyone's "cup of tea" but this is more to show you that there are option's out there:

Station Necklace in Black Resin

Ebay £1.79
House of Harlow $125  (roughly £80)
House of Harlow via Nordstrom £50 (for the leather not resin)
Of course it's not going to be 14k gold from ebay, but it's still a bargain and nobody should be getting that close to see otherwise!

Blue bodycon cage dress

REISS £179 now on sale for £119
E5P £5 
The only differences are that the one for £5 doesn't have the black stripe at the bottom but has a fuller back panel. I think I could live with that ;)

Bow diamanté jelly sandals 
Jelly/rubber sandals are making a come back this year! (Late 80s and 90s kids will remember them well) There's lot's of design's but here is one style which are identical to each other, except for the £12 difference

EBAY   £7.95
Just look at Jane Norman's website, they are like twin's! A perfect example of a cheeky mark-up.

Or how about these:

EBAY (Black or Pink) £10
VALENTINO @ Saks Fifth Avenue (Black or Red) - £199.46 (!)
Hmm, £200 or £10?...i just can't decide!

Baroque print (aka scarf print) 
There are so many different styles of this in shop's at the moment, some with leopard print mixed in or clock's and chain's. Topshop and Jane Norman sell dresses with this print in different colour's for double the price, how rude! There are some cheaper option's below.

Ebay - £5 Long sleeve dress top (above) 
Desire £8 sleeveless dress (similar to above)
E5P - £5 Skater Dress
Ebay -  £5 Leggings 
Ebay £6.50 Maxi Dress

5 little tip's to beat the price tag mark-up's!

A useful site to use for comparing is ShopStyle just type what you're looking for into the search box and it will show 100's of option's. You can narrow them down by hitting the option's on the left hand side of the page

Use voucher's, coupon's and shop when there's a sale! There's nothing more annoying than buying something at full price and then the next week it's put on sale! If they can sell it for as little as the sale price, you don't need to be buying item's for full price to cover their mark up.

If you stumble across something online, just drag and drop the image into google images and it searches all images similar to that one, helping you to discover site's and link's to lot's more wonder's of the fashion world. To learn how to do it correctly, clicky on over to my post here

Create an account on Polyvore. You can create different outfit's, find inspiration, and look at new item's that are available, you can also choose between high end and lower priced garment's too! You will usually find that new trend's are all over polyvore too, keeping you in the loop.

last but not least

NEVER impulse buy, alway's browse to find the lowest possible prices! Whether online, in a department store or in shop's like TK MAXX.

For more help and advice for shopping on a budget click on over to a previous post - Improving Spending Habit's

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