Sunday, 20 May 2012

The WWW - Link Love #3

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

What i'm loving this week!

HijabTrendz | Hijab & Body Image an interesting read regarding the modern muslim woman and her dress. "In an ironic twist, Muslim women may now be falling prey to the very same thing they preach against: the media’s objectification of women." Here

Secret's to Successful Living as Learned from Forrest Gump One of my favourite movies, here is a fun article including some memorable quote's to ponder. Here.

Fashion Shoes & Clothes I stumbled across this site "Go Jane" and i only wish i could find one similar in the UK. So for all my American reader's I hope you enjoy this place. They have great price's and some style's can be dubbed "designer inspiried" compared to some high end  trend's. So. Many. Shoes. Here

Fashion Bargain's For All  If you enjoy getting the latest look for less, make sure to have a browse through (and subscribe!) this handy little blog titled 'The Look 4 Less' (what else?!) and Victoria's fashion and beauty blog VIPXO with great designer inspired ebay post's created by request's from reader'sIf you have any request's e.g. 'Kate Spade Tipsy Flat in Pink'  (not to be confused with 'tipsy feet' foldable shoes!) you can ask her to work her ebay 'magic' to help find something similar which is very i'm sure it's very time consuming! 

Photo Editing If you are a user of Flickr you may know that the lovely photo editor Picnik has disappeared. Twas a sad day for those of us who do not own Photoshop. So what can we use to edit our photo's now that Picnik is down? Either invest in Photoshop or Elements (which is a cheaper version, both made by Adobe) OR have a browse on the web for an online photo editor that suit's your need's. I've found a few option's  Here

Make up Here is a "Master Dupe List" of make up and nail polish including the likes of OPI, MAC, Essie, NARS, Stila, Urban Decay etc etc. After finding out Superdrug now sell Essie nail polish I was having a browse at what hues were available. Then came the colour swatch hunt! I stumbled across this oh so handy list. Can't find something in a particular colour you like? Have a little look and it probably has a dupe! This is how I found Essie Bordeaux :D It's a huge list so  hit ctrl+f to find what you're looking for quickly! Here 

Namey Thing's I always thought Yara was quite an uncommon name, one reason for my choosing it, however i've come across a few new thing's with the same name as me. It may not be that interesting but i think it's quite fun finding these thing's just because it isn't that common. I obviously knew the Arabic singer Yara but that was about it. I thought i had a good 'un especially with me living in the UK hehe! It just looks like i will have to share ^_^

Stylist Pick Shoe - Yara A simple, wedge, suedette boot. They don't look too bad, if you've seen some other shoes they do you will know that they can be real car crashes! I really don't care if Cheryl Cole promote's them or make's them in her garden shed, I still wouldn't pay their price's for the shoes as I could easily find something similar for cheaper. Perhaps on sale, but never full price.

Zoya Nail Polish - Yara. I love how it glitters but it's just too bad that it look's like a bowl of Molokhia, or at least that's what i think it looks like. Molokhia is actually so so tasty, but i just wouldn't want that colour on my nail's!

MUSIC My favourite thing 'Yara' related is a song by said singer called "Ma Yhemmak / يارا - ما يهمك". It's so good you don't even need to understand it, it's that catchy! It reminds me of great times in Jordan so that's always good too!

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