Wednesday, 20 June 2012

How I Wear My Tube Underscarf

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

One thing which I love about blogging, vlogging and such is that you meet so many people. So many very different people. It is what makes it so interesting. In reading and learning about other's we become better people. One thing which i love is learning different way's of doing "thing's". I have always worn my underscarf the same way and kind of thought that there is only one way to do it ;) It's funny how we think our way of doing thing's is not worth the air time or interest but can be the most intriguing  for others, so i thought i'd share my way today.

My first choice of underscarf is the tube style aka the inner part of a al-amirah (two piece hijab).

Tie back's i find if done too loose hair comes out, if too tight to hold the hair in, a headache will ensue, and that's no fun.

 Lace underscarves are great in summer but it's rare to find a good stretchy one (my big head over here doesn't like them much!) also as a hijabi you need to know what type of hairline you have: for me it's a widows peak. 

Lace underscarves +  widows peak hairline = BIG no no 

(unless you wear your hijab concealing all of your underscarf, which i don't, because it look's ever so odd because of said hair line and rounder face)

It's not easy being a hijabi you know :p face shape, head size, hairline, skin tone are all the thing's to take into consideration...but someone has got to do it, and i love it really! ^_^

If you never had to worry about all this, you no doubt have a straight hairline and can wear an underscarf quite high up your forehead without any hair showing which enable's you to wear lot's of hijab style's.

e.g. Marilyn Monroe - widows peak
Jennifer Aniston - straight 

So, how do I wear my tube underscarf?

 I wear mine like an alice band headband:
  1.  First I pull it over my head so it's around my neck,
  2.  Tie my hair up - if i haven't already done this, 
  3. Then i slide the scarf up past my face and sit on my forehead, 
  4. I then pull the side's of the underscarf up and around the 'bun' to conceal it

I generally find that this method is fool proof, I would never slide it on the top of my head and then start tucking and stuffing the hair up into it, as it can easily come out during the day and I don't find that way to be very secure. So I slide it over my head to my neck, then slide it back up, making sure it takes any frizzes that could stick out with it! 

Hope that helps!


  1. Mash'Allah I wear my underscarves the same exact way, and I also have the "widow's peak" issue"'s like we're underscarf twinsies :P


~~La ilaha il Allah~~

Thank you for the comment. I love reading them all. I'm really sorry if I can't reply to everyone but I do try my best. Hope you understand. Peace.


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