Monday, 4 June 2012

Modest Fashion Monday: Wardrobe Essential's!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I know like me, many women have looked at their wardrobe whilst getting ready in the morning and thought "i don't have anything to wear!". Although that is not true, that is how we feel. "That's too short", "this colour doesn't suit the skirt i want to wear", "i wore that hijab last time"... Having the perfect pieces in your wardrobe is essential to building up your style. Not forgetting the modesty factor which all Muslimah's require.

Main item's should be classic, timeless garment's to act as the foundation of an outfit so you can build on top of it and express your own style. We've all seen those article's such as "5 way's to wear a maxi dress" displaying the same maxi dress over and over but in completely different outfit's, dressed up and down. You could even try picking your favourite 12 pieces and use only those items to create different outfit's for a month, it's fun and will help you to create new look's!

To learn more about how to wear correct hijab, please read my detailed post "Back to Basic's ~ Hijab" 

  This series will be in several part's!
Headscarf & Pin's
Maxi Dress, Skirts & Wide leg trousers 
Tunc / Blouse & Cardigan / Blazers
Extra Coverage (body, leggings, sleeves, underscarves etc)
Sensible Footwear


Hijab or niqab it is up to you, but whichever you choose headscarf's and pin's are the most obvious essential's. 

If you are a new hijabi/niqabi plain pashmina's in a hue of colour's are a great start (black, blue, maroon, white, brown, green, purple..) If you prefer the uber easy style, then the two piece 'al amirah' style are great too (i use them in summer and as a throw on for unexpected guests or taking a delivery from the postman)

When you find colour's that best suit your skin tone you can branch out to scarves of other material's and that are patterned or have more detail on them.

You can find some beautiful pashmina's on ebay, for as low as £2! 

As much as it is tempting to use safety pin's to secure your hijab DON'T DO IT. Safety pin's to headscarves is like humidity to curly hair - disastrous! The best to invest in are the 'no-snag' pin's and straight pin's (both shown in picture below). Plain straight pin's are generally found in a sewing kit and more fancy pin's can be bought from any good hijab shop.

A small variety of my hijab pin's

The blue double flower pin is from The Hijab Shop for £2.65 :)

Next week will be covering Maxi Dress, Skirts & Wide leg trousers!

Recommended reading:
Muslim Women's Dress in Accordance with the Qur'an and Sunnah
All the hadith and Quran ayah's you will need which support's the reasoning behind the modest dress Muslimah's have.

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