Monday, 25 June 2012

Modest Fashion Monday - Wardrobe Essential's Part 4

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 Leggings & Long sleeve Body tee's
These are great for additional coverage, they should never be worn on their own in public (Muslimah or not! *shudder*) Legging's are great for extra security when wearing a dress or skirt for times when stepping out of a car, tripping over or just incase the wind takes fancy to that flowing gown, no Marilyn mishap's for us thank you! Body tee's are great for layering, not only for coverage but to add texture and definition to an outfit.

 Modesty Sleeves & Underscarves
Another gripe with modern fashion is that if it's giving in one area it's lacking in another. You may have just found a garment you fell in love with; material, pattern, style, length in body-but it only has short or 3/4 length sleeves. Modesty sleeves are a great accessory and should be in every Muslima's wardrobe as it's an easy fix. In the summer month's it saves you from wearing a whole other layer to cover your arm's too. The fore-arm is actually included within the woman's awrah, i don't know why many women choose to leave this area out, when it's easily fixed. 
To ensure that no hair slip's out from under our hijabs, another essential is an underscarf. I'd personally recommend the tube under scarves rather than the tie back ones as those can give you headaches (you need to tie them tight so hair doesn't slip out). Tube underscarevs can be bought separately in an array of colours/patterns/designs or in an al amirah pack (the first piece which goes on your head).

My recent post: How I wear my underscarf

Muslimah's Essentials - extra coverage

(if you like an item in any picture featured in this mini series, just click the image to be taken to all the details!)

Next week's post will be the penultimate post of Wardrobe Essential's for the Muslim woman, I am saving the best 'til last, can you guess what it is? inshallah you will enjoy it! 
Recommended reading:
All the hadith and Quran ayah's you will need which support's the reasoning behind the modest dress Muslimah's have.

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